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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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My rhythmic gymnastics sisters

My sister noticed this contortion story contest at zlata.de and she asked me to write down and submit this true story which occurred 15 years ago when I was a 14 year old boy. So to all you lovers of contortion and contortion lovers around the world: here is my amazing story. Well, my name is Sandy and I was 14 and my sister Michelle and her best friend Victoria was 15-16 years old. These girls were into rhythmic gymnastics and I liked them and I loved them, they were both like sisters to me and we had a lot of fun, although I was a boy and they were girls. In our basement we had a kind of workout room where they used to work out, doing stretching and things like that. And I used to stick with them too sometimes, automatically working on my own flexibility. They were of course extremely flexible, as rhythmic gymnasts are. So one rainy Saturday afternoon Michelle and Victoria asked me if they could do whatever they liked to do with me for about one hour and a half. I guess I knew they had been planning this stuff for a while and they had kept this a secret for me. But I said OK, cause I was of course curious to see what they were up to and what they liked to do with me. So we went down to the workout room and they said we (or more specific I) had to do some warm-up exercises, so they told me to do some conditioning and easy stretching. So we went on with this for about 20 minutes. They were wearing beautiful yellow lycra catsuits, I guessed it had something to do of the things to come. So what would they like to do then? They wouldn `t tell, but they said: `Don `t make any resistance, just breathe deep and relax during this following session now, ` they said. `You won `t be able to hear or see anything, but you will FEEL. And it will be wonderful. Just enjoy now, we will take care of you. During the final time you may almost fall asleep if you are relaxed. ` OK, I didn `t mind at all. I wasn `t worried, and I didn `t had to be either. ` Michelle and Victoria were just great. I sat down on a kind of exercise mat and first they put earplugs in my ears, shutting any noice and their happy whispering voices out. Then they put on a blindfold so I couldn `t see anything either. Finally they put adhesive tape over my mouth so I couldn `t breathe through my mouth, neither speak of course. They lay me down on the exercise mat. Then they took off all my clothes (T-shirt, shorts and socks). (This will be interesting I thought.) Instead of my own clothes I felt that they slipped me into a lycra catsuit. Soon I knew it must be a white catsuit, which they had used for a gymnastic exhibition, because it even had lycra feet, gloves and a lycra hood too, so I was completely covered by it. All three of us was pretty much the same size at this time. Like them I was quite tall and slender, so the white catsuit fitted me as good as them. Now they started their `session ` with me. It was actually passive stretching exercises. I couldn `t do or say anything but letting my body move along with them. They pushed and pulled me with their gentle but strong girly hands, working mainly on hip opening stretches. But I liked it. For me it was completely dark and I could just hear my own heartbeats and my breathing through my nostrils. In the so called frog exercise, they lay me down with my stomach to the mat, legs out and one of them (later they told me it was Victoria) actually sat on my butt. So there I was lying, squeezed down for at least two minutes. And as they had said, I felt the sensation in the exercises. They continued to push and pull my legs, and gently stretching my back and shoulders. I was almost in the straddle splits with them holding onto my legs, each of the girls pushing one leg down. Then they also put my legs in the yoga lotus position, turned me over on the stomach arching my back up, pulling my arms back. As you can understand, the sensation continued. Of course they had said before I could quit the session whenever I liked, `but then you will fail `, so you `d better not ` they had added. But I didn `t intend to quit at all, I wanted to prove to them I could do what they liked to do with me. And so far I liked it too. But it would be even better. And I must say I still admire their fantasy that day. Then the highlight was about to come. Now I felt really warmed-up and very well stretched. They had stretched me to my limits, and with their own vast experience they knew exactly what to do. (They both work as gymnastics coaches today, so I must have been a good pupil then.) Yes, the highlight, or should I say highlights. I lied on my back and they put my knees against my forehead, then splitting the legs, stretching the feet over my head and crossing them behind my neck. Then they took my arms and shoulders up and forward. So there I was in the position contortion fans know today by the name `human knot `. They stretched my arms around my butt, and then locked my lycra covered hands behind my back. There I was and soon they started to squeeze me flat against the mat, pushing my head and feet back down. All of you who have been in this both beautiful and enjoyable position know the feeling. I guess you love it as much as I do. They still holded on to my feet, squeezing me, when I felt they put something on me. It was these green latex rubber bands called Thera-Bands, which are wide exercise bands used in many different kinds of body toning. Search the Net if you don `t know what I mean. They had borrowed rolls of these bands. I guess a roll is at least 30-40 yards long, which then can be cut down to proper sizes. But Michelle and Victoria had got long rolls, uncut! With me still in the human knot they started to cover me, wrapping the bands around me, `the white lycra boy `. I could feel the rubber smell, a nice smell I thought. They went on until I was completely mumified, except for the nostrils so I could breathe of course, but still stuck in the human knot. I tried to breathe deep and relax into the positiion, as they had adviced me to do. But I smiled (or what you do with your mouth taped) and enjoyed the feeling: you really sink into this position and when they were ready with the latex bands they let me lie there for about fifteen minutes, in the human knot, in the catsuit, mumified by the latex bands. As they said I almost fell asleep, but not entirely. It was of course a bit of an extreme situation for me to do fall asleep. But it was relaxing. Then they also squeezed my nostrils with their fingers, so I couldn `t breathe at all, just trying me for about 30 seconds each time. But I still enjoyed it a lot. And I trusted them completely. I knew they did this as much for me as they did it for themselves. And of course they thought it was great fun doing this. Then came the finale, when they were lifting me up, still tight rubber-mumified in the knot. I was really stucked and couldn `t move a bit. Then they sank me down in our jacuzzi which was in a corner of the workout room. I could feel the warm water against the rubber bands, at some spots also making my lycra catsuit wet. But my nose was still above the water so I could still breathe. Then they squeezed my nostrils again and also pushed my head down a bit so my nose was under the water. Talk about being an `underwater-contortionist `! But it was still just about 30 seconds until they let me up and breathe again, so there wasn `t any problem. But they repeated it some time before they gently put me up from the jacuzzi. I must have been a nice sight for them by now, wrapped in wet green rubber, but then they slowly released me from the latex bands and the knot. I `ve had had a sensational one and a half hour. They took off the blindfold, earplugs and tape. They knew they had succeded and I know I had succeded too. I told them I had enjoyed it very much and that I really admired their fantasy, and at the same time they kissed me on my cheeks: `You did it, Sandy. ` Actually we continued with these fun sessions several times later. The three of us had them maybe once a month in our basement, doing all kinds of exercises, stretching, holding extreme positions, sometimes mumifying and so on. And of course the girls also volunteered as `victims ` too. And since a couple of years, Victoria and I are happily married. So don `t hesitate when a rhythmic gymnast (or two of them) ask you if they could do whatever they like with you :-) Best wishes, Sandy.