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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Passive Training Story 1

I was on my way to the University, when I saw a commotion coming from my neighbors’ house. Turns out new people had moved in and they were in the process of shifting their belongings into the house. I noticed quite strange machines, looked similar to gym equipment, but definitely modified. Anyway ignoring them I decided to meet them later in the evening and continued on to the University. As I entered the class, I noticed that we had a new student. She was very pretty and smiled at me as I walked in to take my seat. Soon, the teacher walked in and asked the new girl to introduce herself. She introduced herself as Shirley and that she had quite recently moved into town. She also mentioned that her family moved quite frequently as they were in the performance arts and were now finally looking to settle down. As she was taking her seat, the teacher mentioned that the university now wanted new students to feel welcome and not feel overburdened, hence by assigning them with a study partner, to help them with their university work and to get familiar with the surroundings. Now, according to the alphabetical order, it was decided that I would be assigned as her study partner from today onwards and was definitely excited and looking forward to it. In the evening, I invited Shirley to my home as it was nearby and she readily agreed. As we were walking back, coincidentally, it turned out that she was my neighbor. She didn’t invite me to her house as they were still moving in, so I invited her in and I spoke to her and gave her some details and information regarding our town and university. We spoke for a while and said good night she left. For many days, we met at my house and we continued studying together. We also become good friends. After many days, on a Sunday, she finally invited me to her house. Shirley told that they were finally settled in and she also mentioned that her parents were out visiting relatives. In the evening I walked to her home and rang the bell. She asked me to come in. As I sat on the sofa I noticed that Shirley was stretching in the room on some weird split machine. Few minutes later she came out. I asked her,” You never mentioned that you were so flexible”. She replied,” Well, I did mention that I was a performer. To avoid unnecessary attention I skipped out the part that I was a contortionist”, she smiled as she was speaking. She continued,”I’m now training to be an underwater contortionist as well as take my flexibility to the next level. I’ve various machines and equipments that have been modified to help me with that, for example this split machine that can push my splits up to even 360◦. We have also installed a pool in my workout room”. I then replied, “That’s amazing, I’ve always been fascinated by contortion and flexibility. Any chance I can get a demonstration?” Shirley replied, “Maybe, but let’s study first”. I then suggested,” How about we mix both? Maybe a quiz game that involves your split machine and at the same time we can get some studies done as well”. She said excitedly,” I never had a stretching partner and I think the idea of mixing contortion and studies into a quiz just became really interesting. I'll change and come back”. Saying this she ran into her room. I then began compiling questions for the quiz as she came out wearing a leotard that highlighted her amazing body. Stunned, I stood up and said,” Wow, you look beautiful”. She replied,” Thank you. Anyway, let’s begin. What are the rules of the quiz and how does my machine come into this?” I said,” Simple game, I ask you a question. If you get it wrong, you have three options. One, you can crank up the machine by 10◦, Two, add weights to your leg, which will be permanent and will not be removed. Further weights will also be increased. Lastly, you can choose to hold your breath for 30 seconds for which I'll cover your nose and mouth and subsequent wrong answers will add 10 seconds as well. If you get an answer right, you get one exception for a wrong answer. Remember that you can only have one exception and no more no matter how many you get right.” She nodded to this. She then walked over to the machine and comfortably got herself into a middle split. Perfect 180◦. I then strapped her legs to the machine. Additionally, just so that she cannot undo herself I tied her arms above her head as well. As we started, I gave her a few easy questions to which she got everything right and she began mocking me. I then shifted over to the difficult ones. As expected, she got it wrong, but she was allowed one exception. I then thought in my mind, here was a perfect goddess with a beautiful face and amazing body, tied up completely in my control. She got the next two wrong as well, for which she chose to crank up the machine both times. I increased it, and noticed that she didn’t seem to have any kind of strain as her leg was being spread more than 220◦. For her next wrong answer, she chose to have weights added to her legs. I wrapped two 2kg weights around her leg. She continued getting three more questions wrong. She chose the machine each time, I stretched her even more and now her legs were being spread at around 270◦. Even at this point, she showed only little strain. The next question when she got it wrong, she chose weights. After adding them, I noticed that she was struggling a little bit as her legs were spread and she also had to carry almost 6 kgs on each leg. She finally got one answer right and breathed a sigh of relief. This was immediately cancelled out as she got the next one wrong. She got two more wrong, and surprisingly she chose the machine again. I gladly turned up the machine to around 300◦. The next one she wanted to hold her breath as it was obvious she wanted the action taken away from her hips. She somehow got through the 30 seconds as we continued with the game. To my surprise, she kept picking the machine. At this point her legs were so close to each other that she was doing almost a 360◦ split. I was sure that the joints were out of their sockets. When I finally tightened the machine and let it go she gave out a loud scream and started crying. She started begging me to let her go. I then stuffed her mouth with a cloth and told her,” If you want me to stop, I’m going to add 4 more to your weights and you have to hold your breath for 1 minute in this same position”. She frantically nodded. I added the weights and closed her mouth and nose. Within 10s she was shaking so much, sweating hard, her face was red. It was so obvious that she was suffering badly in this extreme split position where her legs were being twisted unnaturally to around 360◦ and at the same time the weights were bearing down on her legs as well. Finally as the 1 minute mark got over, I planted my lips on her lips and took a deep kiss. It looked like she was grateful to get some air. Immediately I released her from this predicament as she laid down on the floor gasping on the floor and glaring hard at me. After a good few minutes she spoke to me,” That was very naughty of you. But it was amazing to what levels of flexibility you took my legs and hips to. I myself didn’t know it was possible”. I just stood there as she walked to me and kissed me again. She then continued,” I want you to help me stretch with the other machines I’ve here as well. But enough for today. I need to rest.” Saying good night I left her to rest, thinking in what new positions I can stretch her the next time I meet. TO BE CONTINUED…