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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Letter to a Friend

My dear friend, I'm writing this letter about my new girlfriend, Nadine. I met her at a party 3 months ago. She is a pretty blonde, not very tall but certainly slim. We hit it off straight away and seemed to have the same interests. She was a keen rhythmic gymnast, and I told her that I've always wanted to meet a flexible girl. I must tell you that she has surprised me in the most amazing ways. I’m going to try to describe what is really indescribable! The girl seems to have no bones and joints, although she is just normal like you and I in other respects. She can do the impossible with her body, twisting like a snake, so that you can’t even tell her front from her back. She can move her head anywhere on her body, whether forward or backward or to the side. I went to her house recently, where she still lives with her parents and feels very comfortable there. Her mother told me she could not explain her daughter’s flexibility, but that she had been like this ever since her earliest childhood. She could bend and twist herself into all sorts of positions, and her mother was always surprised that such a thing is possible, without doing any physical harm. When I was there, she showed me what she could do with her body. For example, she stretched her hands out in front, bent forwards and stepped over her hands. Her arms are now behind her, and without releasing her hands, she brought her arms up behind her and over her head. Her shoulders popped out and then when her arms were in front of her body again, they popped back in. She can do this several times, forward or backwards, and there doesn’t seem to be any ill-effects from this shoulder flexibility. Standing upright, she bent forwards until her upper body was completely folded against her legs. Then she spread her legs a little and pulled her head between them, so that she was looking up at the ceiling. Then she went even further, squeezing her arms through her legs until her armpits were pressing on the backs of her thighs. She said it wasn’t possible to go any further, because her little tummy was totally compressed. Back to a normal standing position again, she dislocated her shoulders and crossed her arms behind her back so that her hands could be seen either side. Then she put one foot on the table and slid down into a side split until her other leg rested on the ground. This made a 270 ° angle between her legs, with the front one pressed against the table leg. Then she turned into the middle splits and touched her knee with the tip of her nose. She carried on even further round, back into a side split and then round to middle splits on the other side. This time she lent her back against the upright leg. Then she repeated the whole sequence with her other foot up on the table. Unbelievable! I told her that I really loved what she could do, and that I had never seen such a flexible girl before. She said this was only the beginning, a little warm-up exercise! Her spine has no limits and she can bend in even more extreme ways. She told me to stand behind her. I did so and watched as she arched her back. When she dropped her head back, at first I thought she had broken her neck, but when I looked at her upside-down smiling face, I realized that this was quite normal for her. She arched her head further back until her forehead touched the top of her buttocks. She told me to take hold of her head and pull it down. I could hardly believe that such a thing was possible, but I did so. I knelt down and pulled her head very slowly down over her buttocks, her thighs and then down to her knees. Then she lowered her chin and pulled her back completely against her legs so that you couldn’t even fit a piece of paper in the gap. Rocking to and fro a little emphasized the softness of her spine. She went even further, by spreading her legs slightly and squeezing her head between her thighs. Here too, she said, you cannot bend any further than that. She sat on a chair and twisted her upper body through 180 degrees so that she could look back behind herself. Then she bent over backwards to touch her head to her knees. She went even further b y spreading her knees slightly and pulling her head in between her legs, resting her shoulders against her knees I've really never seen anything like it before and it was a truly amazing position for me to be in. I’m sure you can appreciate that my emotions were running high! She also demonstrated the flexibility of her hands and fingers. Each finger separately, or all together, she could press backwards onto her hand. The same was true with her wrist, pressed back onto the forearm. Amazing! When I hug her, I can somehow feel her extreme flexibility. She feels as soft as rubber, and yet she has a perfect figure with everything in all the right places - if you know what I mean! Just the other day, I was holding her narrow waist and tried to kiss her; she suddenly bent over backwards and I was left staring at her sweet navel. My hands were clasped tightly around her back so I couldn’t let go. With the same speed, she bent back up and gave me my eagerly awaited kiss. Then she pushed me backwards onto a sofa, gave me a kiss again, and from nowhere her feet appeared by her head. She was now lying completely on me and bent further until her buttocks were resting on her head. It is an indescribable feeling for me to have such a flexible girlfriend. Recently we went to a local restaurant with some work colleagues and were waiting for our food. I was sitting opposite my girlfriend and suddenly her head disappeared. Only her neck and the lower part of her chin were visible because she had bent her head right back. Then she pushed her chair away from the table a little, sat on the edge of her chair and moved her head down the back of the chair right down to the seat. Then she lifted her bottom a little and pushed her head underneath so that she could sit on it. She moved her head even further forwards and squeezed it between her thighs, until she could look at us from down below. Everybody clapped and applauded, of course, hardly believing what they had just seen. Of course I was already privy to her special skills and all the others adored my girlfriend. I must finish my letter now, and hope that I can introduce you to Nadine soon. Best wishes, Your friend.