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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Circus 2 Julia is perfect training daily ... of course helped her stretch as I've never stopped admiring his incomparable flexibility ...... Today during the morning practice make a new act, she entered the room walking with his hands and in a position of bakbend and legs in the lotus position behind his head ... it was great to see her come to my wound that way and moving with such ease, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, then stretched his right leg and with her nice feet caress my cheek, to get near my mouth kissed his fingers and gently bit ... she likes to bite his feet ..., after that put his feet on the floor and sat up from the bridge position, leaving standing up her right leg and placed it behind his head ... in that position I asked for help to take his leg and down the most possible behind his back, started down until your foot came under his buttocks ... when released again and stay on the waist, in that position and with his arms outstretched sideways, flexed his left leg, doing squats in the number ten eleven o'clock I should support her taking her hands so she could stand up, I was very tired and still not get your right leg back, hugged me to rest, I I said if he helped her remove her leg from his back and he said he wanted to keep hugging me in that position and if I liked ..... with my fascination always told him that I loved .. and he said he wanted to hold her .... I took the waist and away from my body, with my right hand stroked his foot which was at the height of his waist and she kissed me ... then still embraced to me asked to pull his leg trying to take below, I pushed and impressively his knee appeared behind his back, then looked at his foot, which pointed straight down .... had dislocated leg your hip ... apparent pain but she again asked me to hold her and kiss her, seemed to relax when he did. Again performed squats dislocated her leg behind her back now, with no strength to sustain it asked me hands, then sat on the floor and still without taking his right leg, without difficulty put your left leg behind your neck, was a rather strange and extreme position see his right leg fully extended and dislocated behind his waist and his left leg behind his neck, at that point it looked pretty tired, so I told him if he helped to join .. again ... I said no, they just needed to relax, then started massaging her legs from her buttocks, after a few minutes of relaxation asked me to try his left leg now take the same position as the right, I replied that if he wanted the dislocated too, only his eyes told me that if, then took his left knee and massaging her buttock height was pressing his knee until your leg is dislocated and could eventually extend behind Cross back over his right leg, was a mixture of 360 º split with legs crossed in the back ..... never seen anything like it ... I think Julia will never cease to amaze ... She sat in that position and affirmed his arms, he asked me to come back, hugged me and said he wanted to be the world's most flexible woman, especially for me ... My heart started pounding, then the embrace and kiss the floor up and took her to bed, stroked and kissed her while maintaining the same position with their legs dislocated behind his back, stroked and kissed his feet, which were ice cream because of the lack of movement ... told me that he loved my fascination with the art she practiced and that was his number one fan ... after that with a very sensual look asked me to make love, I've never seen her so excited ... after have sex, she asked me to let her rest always in the same position, I was at her side around two hours caressing and kissing her .... then he asked me to help her lie on her breast, so completely amazing began to double its waist, coming with his buttocks to touch his head .. and with time he had with his legs dislocated behind his back, he had no control over them, so that his feet hung to his face unable to control them, I took them and looked like silk, I took his arms and stood behind a indescribable position, I think that only could draw ... after a few seconds he asked me to help her get up, I took her legs and let her breasts lying on the bed, slowly take one leg and withdrew from his back, then did the same with the other leg. Julia ..... had no strength to control his legs ... carefully place it back on the bed, he asked me to massage them hips that were very delicate ... little by little he regained the strength and could be standing, had made the effort exceeded his strength, he asked me what I'd like to end movements had succeeded ... I said I was very impressed .... With great determination continued twice daily, practicing this elongation, until one day I was surprised when he woke up next to me with two dislocated legs behind her back and had not required my help, approached me kissed me, and showed me that I did not need help for that position, so I showed it without using their hands could take her two legs behind her back and dislocated ...... that day during our circus function she presented his new act, I love to see people proud impressed with the contortions that Julia was doing when the end put his legs behind his back if it helps your hands and dislocated, lying on the platform then bend your back until your buttocks touched his head ... this time I had control over his legs and placing his feet in front of his mouth blew kisses moving from side to side and showing her beautiful nails painted red, the audience stood up to applaud .. ... That night we celebrated having sex strangest positions (for normal people) certainly not foreign to us, just maximizing the ability of my wife .............