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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Zlata takes Magic to the next level II

Coming back from the break we are greeted by a clear 4 inch cube on a stand, on a stage. The audience are mingling around it and admiring what appears to be a tiny person in the cube. The cube had originally been 2 feet square and contained 1 full sized, blonde, Russian contortionist called Zlata. She had volunteered to help out in a magic show and after folding herself into the tight cube, had been shrunk down to her current size. Zlata was looking out and enjoying the attention of the audience. She was a little frightened at how large everyone seemed, as she wasn’t used to being made this small. She felt a little tight and cramped, but nothing unusual apart from being folded up for so long. She was actually enjoying being so small and the centre of attention. The magician walked back onto stage and encouraged everyone back to their seats. “Zlata, are you ready to come out?” “Yes!” She squeaked, surprised at how her voice sounded. He gently pried the lid off with a fingernail and gracefully she unfolded herself and stood up, all 12 inches of her. Even shrunken down it was amazing how small she could fold herself. “For my next trick, I need you to change outfits, but don’t worry, a little magic will help here. Just let me move that box away.” The magician moved the box to the floor, allowing Zlata her own mini stage, complete with a camera for close up’s. He waved his hand and produced a coin, he then manipulated this and produced a silk of magnificent green and about the size of a handkerchief. He then picked up the cube and draping the silk over the cube, he shook both hands and pulled the silk away to reveal a little pedestal. He placed the pedestal next to Zlata. Zlata had a good view of the cube transformation and could see that there was no way it could have been done by sleight of hand. The pedestal was made of the same Perspex of the cube and she stood off the stage by around an inch and a half. From the close-up cameras of Mini Zlata you could see there was nowhere to hide around this pedestal. “Zlata, show us some contortion moves please!” Zlata proceeded to show her flexibility by some over splits, backbends from standing, and also her famed quadruple fold, which the magician then rotated her pedestal while she held it, before releasing it. “And now a forward fold please, it’s time for my next trick!” Zlata obligingly folded herself forward, and then comfortably tucked her legs behind her head, and made herself comfortable. With some difficulty the magician picked up the green silk and waved it in front of the crowd and made it white in colour. He looked at Zlata, “Are you ready?” “Yes” she squeaked in expectation. The silk descended on her and draped itself over her and part of her pedestal, after a close-up pan and full circle to show Zlata covered in silk and nothing around her, the silk was slowly removed to reveal that Zlata was now in a little bunny outfit, white tights, white pointe shoes, white leotard with attached hood, and cute bunny ears, and of course the white fluffy bunny tail, as well as a bright emerald green collar around her neck. Zlata felt the silk descend on her, and felt a warm comfortable feeling as it covered her, as it was removed, she could feel her costume had changed due to the change in materials of her outfit, but couldn’t tell what. As the silk was removed she could see she now had a white fluffy bunny tail, and guessed she was wearing a bunny outfit like one of her favourite photo shoots. She undid her legs from behind her ears and stood up enjoying the applause, even though she was only 12 inches high. And she realized the only parts of her not covered by her new costume were her face and her hands. The magician removed his top hat and put it on the pedestal next to Zlata, it came up to her chin. He looked at her, and said “for the next trick I need you in the hat.” She tried a couple of times to get in, and just couldn’t manage it. Finally the magician picked her up and placed her in the hat. Her head could just be seen sticking out. And her ears sticking up could also be seen. The magician scooped the hat up and said “Time for one of my favorite tricks, a rabbit out of a hat!” He reached down and gently grasped Zlata’s rabbit ears and pushed her into the hat. He waved his hands over the hat, and tipped it right way up, and then showed it to the audience. The hat was totally empty, of Zlata, and her rabbit outfit there was no sign. The crowd applauded. The magician gently reached into the hat and slowly withdrew Zlata’s ears, the crowd could tell something was different, just not quite what. The magician slowly removed the ears from the hat until he held a full size rabbit, about the same size as Zlata had been when she went into the hat. The rabbit was all over white, and a little bald patch on the face around the mouth and nose that resembled the bare skin that had shown on Zlata’s outfit. And the 2 front paws were also bare, matching the fact Zlata’s hands had been bare skin, not covered by her costume. The bunny was wearing little Pointe shoes on it’s back feet and the exact same green collar just as Zlata had been wearing in her costume. The crowd were in no doubt that Zlata had indeed somehow magically been transformed into a rabbit. Zlata wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, she remembered being in the hat, and then the magician’s hand moving her and somehow pushing her into the hat itself. She could feel the hat around her. Then she felt herself restored to human, she knew it was her normal shape. Then she felt a warm feeling again and her body seemed to shrink and move and change and grow. She wasn’t afraid as she knew she would be all right, as she felt the costume become part of her. She felt the fluff of the tail attach itself to her spine, her legs shorten and arms shorten and thicken. She felt her whiskers grow, and realized she really was becoming a rabbit. She shivered with the excitement of being a rabbit and also the build up of sexual energy being created by the transformation. Finally she felt her fur growing all over. Being held by the magician, she realized she was a fully grown, white adult rabbit, and could understand what was going on around her, but couldn’t speak. The best bit was she was loving every minute of it. She made a note before she got fully lost in being a rabbit to ask the magician if he could give her some way of being able to transform to a rabbit at any time! To be continued.