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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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My Contortion Story

Hello, my name is Jahn, and I will tell you a real story. Actually, I only changed the names and locations a bit, due to privacy reasons, but the story is 100% real. So, let’s start. As I said, I’m Jahn, I live in Germany and I practice something which is not directly associated with what men would do for pleasure. I practice contortion, the art of bending and twisting your body in all kinds of weird looking positions. Now I am 18 years old, and I started practicing at 14. In those 4 years I have managed to get from zero flexibility to what I can do now. Training daily for approximately 2 to 3 hours I achieved some very cool positions. The pose I am most proud of is the headsit, but the one I prefer doing is the ‘advanced’ pretzel, it’s like an ordinary pretzel, where you put your feet behind your head, but for this pose you have to pull your feet further down your back until you can tuck them under your arms. It’s the pretzel Zlata, my favourite contortionist can do too, which was my inspiration to learn this pose at first. Other poses are the splits, the straddle split, the cheststand and one of my favourites the standing frontbend. There is only one major problem I have, and that is that I keep everything secret. I really think that men shouldn’t be flexible, it’s something that is not acceptable in our society, and because I am afraid of the reactions I might get I keep this as my secret. Actually, there are a couple of people who know I’m a contortionist, my girlfriend and two other girls. The reason I started bending was a video on the web. I saw a girl putting her feet behind her head and I was so excited by this, that I immediately tried it for myself. 5 minutes later, a sweaty and disappointed Jahn was lying on his bed, I just couldn’t put my feet behind my head. Although it didn’t work out as I had hoped initially, I decided to train in order to be able to put my feet behind my head. One week later, it worked, I could finally put both feet behind my head. I could only hold it for 5 minutes though, so I decided this was not enough and I continued training. A decision that I still support as I still bend and twist my body every day. Two weeks after that I could sleep in the pretzel pose, I trained so hard and so much that sleeping like this became one of my habits. I still sleep like this every night, and now I’m four years later. I also found out it was very sexy to be bendy like this. Every time I did it I felt the contents of my pants getting bigger. Then I started to wonder if it was possible to reach my penis with my mouth. At first I thought this could never be achieved, but nevertheless I started training on that as well. Two months later I found out it was definitely possible, I could put the tip of my penis in my mouth without much effort when I had my feet behind my head. Of course, by increasing back flexibility in order to suck my own dick, I felt getting in and out of the pretzel pose became easier and easier and I started to wonder if there weren’t any other poses you can do while frontbending. After searching the web I found Zlata, the contortionist (I’m not kidding), and between her pics I saw a pose I had never seen before. It was what I call the ‘extreme’ pretzel, a pretzel where you pull your feet further down your back until you can put them underneath your armpits. I fell in love with this pose and tried it for myself. Of course, thanks to having gained back flexibility through sucking myself, this pose was easily achieved and it instantly became my favourite one. Where I had known quite a few people who could do the pretzel, I found almost nobody who could do the ‘extreme’ pretzel. It felt as I was doing something truly unique, but still I hadn’t got the courage to show my skills to other people. After frontbending for almost a year, I wanted to try something new. Again I went searching the web hoping to find something cool. With a little help from Google I found that besides frontbending there was another category of contortionism: backbending. At first my back just wouldn’t bend backwards, probably because I had been frontbending all the time. I managed however to do a bridge, which I know is very basic. But I didn’t give up and with some help from a friend, a girl who is also very flexible but she was born that way, I managed to touch my head with my toes in one month and a half. My friend thought it was so cool to bend me like this we decided to stretch together weekly. We still do this and in the mean time our flexibility has drastically improved. I can now sit on my head and the only thing that prevents me of doing a triplefold is the fact that I can’t breathe properly while in that pose. My friend could do the splits, some basic backbending and a very nice pretzel without stretching. But after those two years of stretching with her she made a lot of progress too. Thanks to my help she can now do a very nice triplefold without effort at all, and also poses like the ‘extreme’ pretzel I talked about earlier and I wonder if she can do the same special trick I can do too. When I was about 16 and a half, I had been bending for 2 and a half years then, I met my girlfriend. During the first six months I didn’t dare to say I was flexible, still thinking it was very weird for a guy and uncertain about her reaction. After half a year I finally told her what my special talent was and she asked me to show her what I could do. I showed her everything and she was completely baffled, she loved it. From that moment she wanted to twist, bend and squeeze me into all different kinds poses. And after we had discovered some of the extra possibilities my flexibility gave us in bed, she loved it even more. I must admit that we have tried some even more complex poses than those featured in the Kama Sutra. So I challenge anyone to come and say that being flexible doesn’t have its advantages! So since a year or so I have two stretching partners; my girlfriend and the flexible girl. Although my girlfriend is not flexible at all, and the fact she isn’t interested in trying contortion for herself, she loves stretching me to and beyond my limits. When she is really eager to squeeze me into a little box or pull my torso through my legs as far as she can, she can really stretch me hard for sure. Sometimes when we watch tv together, she’s sitting in the sofa like a normal person does, and then I’m sitting next to her while sitting on my head or with my feet behind my head or whatever she has put me into. I assure you it’s quite a view to see us sitting there. Well, that’s all I could tell you for now, but I’m sure that when I got the courage to write another story you’ll hear from me . I hope some of you guys who are reading this and are doing contortion as a hobby, but are doing it secretly keep doing it and keep enjoying it. And when you got the courage, don’t act like me but show your skills to other people! Yes, it may be a little weird for guys to be contortionists, but it’s very cool in my opinion.