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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Bendy Boy

Billy was alone in his room. He was always alone in his room. It was the only place where he felt comfortable, where he knew he would not be judged or ridiculed. Billy placed a book on his bedside table and stood up. He walked across his room and pressed a button on a small speaker by his door; the volume turned low. His mom was listening to the same station in the living room. The music began. Billy had a thing for older rock. The song was by a band called Aerosmith. Not his favourite, he preferred Journey, but he would listen to anything by Steven Tyler. Billy began his daily exercise. It was a slow, methodical routine designed to work every muscle in his body to the maximum. His feet kicked, his knees bent, his hips twisted. Billy’s moves were graceful and smooth, almost as if he were dancing like an Olympian. His pale body stretched and contorted every which way as he easily kept time to the music. In the music's trance, with his eyes closed, he was always unaware of how he was dancing. He would dance like this almost every night and had been for years. One day his brother walked in on him, while he was grooving completely entranced, his brother didn't say a word, just stopped and stared in shock. Billy was sitting there on his bed with his body twisted to an impossible degree, his hips and butt in the air, with his back bent right over and head almost touching his butt. It displayed an unusual level of flexibility. His brother decided not to say anything and instead he just left. When Billy finished his routine, he would almost collapse onto his bed unaware of what he was doing. The next day, Billy was to take part in his least favourite school classes as the first of the week, gym class, and today's lesson focused on gymnastics, a subject they had never learnt before. Billy reluctantly walked into the gym and upon seeing the equipment he immediately wanted to leave. He hesitated at the door, debating what to do. The teacher noticed Billy and gathered him with her other students. On the way to the gym she asked, "So, are you any good at gymnastics?" “Not really, no” Billy replied . "Oh well, you have nothing to lose then go ahead and give it a try. Class, this is Billy. He’s new here and this will be his first time doing anything like this". All the other boys turned around, trying to get a look at their newest classmate. Billy was not very tall, at least a few inches shorter than most of the other boys in his class, with bright blonde hair. He was not the smallest of the group, but was definitely not the biggest either. He stood up straight and waited. “Now class, I know we haven’t learnt any new skills for years, so to start off with I want you all to warm up. Let’s see what Billy can do. See that bench over there, you can all use that as a warmup.” Billy stood in line behind all the other boys as they walked over to the bench to where the teacher was waiting for them. She stood in line behind them and waited. Billy looked around, then went to the end of the line, as instructed. He plopped down in front of the bench, legs straight out in front of him, and looked at his feet. Slowly he bent forwards trying to touch his toes as everyone watched him, surprisingly he felt no pain and proceeded to bend further until his palms were inches past his toes. Then he went even further until his head was comfortably positioned between his knees. The teacher and the students were in utter awe of his flexibility, Billy had never done anything like this before. The lack of pain in Billy's joints was exciting him. Causing him to wonder what else he could do, as did the teacher and other students. One girl runs up to him and asks, "how did you do that? Can you do anything else?" “No, I probably can’t." Billy said, as he stood up, stretching as he got up. He looked around and saw all the other boys doing the same exercise as him, but with greater difficulty. He looks over to his side only to see the teacher looking at him with a strange look on her face. "You can just sit down out here if you’d like?” Billy didn’t really care, at least he was sitting down. The teacher then turned her back on the class and walked over to her desk and sat down. She pulled out a piece of paper and started writing something. It seemed like forever until she stopped what she was doing. She called for attention. “Now class, it’s time to get started. Why don’t we all do the same warm up exercise?" Billy noticed right away how different it was than when he was by himself. He folded over, he felt almost no pain in his joints. He stood up and tried it again. He just felt... strange. He sat back down and concentrated on his body. Then he tried it again, this time on the floor and with his legs slightly separated. With the same result, no pain in his joints, but he felt... strange, able to place his nose on the floor in front of him. As it turns out, Billy was extraordinarily flexible. The type of flexibility you see only in toddlers and in contortionists. Billy had never contemplated stretching before, or even knew that it was something of a great desire among people his age. Billy sits back down on the bench and tries raising his left leg straight towards his head, he gets his leg right up next to his ear before noticing the entire gym staring at him. The other students, the teachers, and even the teacher’s assistant couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Billy’s leg was in the air, it was firm and it must have been forty or fifty degrees behind his head; he did not know how he did it; it was something new to him. The teacher stood there with a confused look on her face. They finished their warm-up exercises before continuing their gym class and breaking for lunch. During the school lunch break Billy would always go to the toilets. There were four toilets one had a large, tall mirror in it. Billy always went to that one. He used it to investigate why he was so bendy. In the bathroom at lunch time with no one else around, he could put much more strain on his joints. He heard loud popping sounds from his joints, as he twisted his arms at different angles and he felt no pain at all. The only logical explanation that he could think of was that he was a freak, and that he was on drugs or a mutant. Another boy enters the toilet and asks Billy, "What are you doing in here?" To which Billy responds with a simple, "nothing." The boy asks, "I thought you said you didn't do gymnastics?" "I don't" Billy says. "Show us what else you can do then." The boy looks angry, as if he is about to beat him up. Billy shrugs and just backs away. "Do the splits, go on." Billy doesn't know what that is, and so just quivers away against the toilet door . "Do the splits or I will smash in your f*****' head!" Billy stands up and backs away again. The boy is now facing him and steps forward, Billy steps away again so that he is trapped in the corner. The boy raises his hand and puts his hand on Billy's head, ready to smack him. Billy turns around and sits down on the toilet seat. He then lifts his feet off the ground and puts them on the wall behind him in a perfect middle split. "What the f**k?!!" it amazes the boy as Billy sits there with his legs in the air. The boy lets him go and runs out of the toilet just as another kid enters, giving them a strange look. Billy leaves the toilet and shortly after makes his way out to the playground where he sees the girl from earlier. He walks over to her, sits down and says, "Do you want to be as flexible as me?" "Why did you ask me that?" Billy sighs as he moves his legs into the splits. As he does so, his ass bangs against the metal monkey bars. As Billy spreads his legs and holds his feet in a split, he lifts his head. Billy can feel nothing at all. She looks at him in a magnificent front split, she walks over to his front foot and tries lifting his leg. "Does that hurt?" She asks. "Don't feel a thing." She keeps raising his leg higher and higher until the knee is almost touching his head in an extraordinary over split. "How did you get so flexible?" She asks . "I don't know, I must be a super hero or something." They both laugh at his joke. "I'm going to tell everyone about this." She says. "No, no, please don't." "Why not?" "I just don't like attention." "Well, you're getting it now." She turns round and walks away yelling, "Look everyone, this guy can do the splits!" Billy gets up and runs away as some boys chase him. He gets away and sneaks off to some newly planted trees where he had the perfect vantage point to observe his classmates. One kid looks at him and says "you're a total freak, no one does that" and points to his legs. He then makes a gesture imitating a monkey. He points to Billy and says to another kid, "at least we have a mascot, look at him." Billy moves away from the trees and walks back to the school. He realises no one will ever accept the way he is. He wishes he was just like everyone else, but he can't. The girl runs up to him and immediately apologises; she asks to meet him after school sometime. She says she wants to know more about his flexibility. He feels a moment of excitement and then feels the shame of realising that this girl was just being nice to him to get to know him better. She really thought she could learn something from him. She probably thinks he can teach her how to be as flexible as he is, and that freaks him out. He can't be around her, he can't be around anyone. He runs off to the gym. She shouts after him, asking him to wait, to meet her and get to know her. He ignores her. He arrives at the gym and finds an open window. He climbs through it and thrashes about; he is turning his entire body, not holding still. He wants to get as tired as possible. He just wants to get some rest. He is exhausted, and saddened by all the things that happened to him. He sits in the middle of the gym and lies down before falling asleep. The girl climbs in through the window and sees him lying there. Billy wakes up to find the girl sitting next to him. He can’t move at all and can only move his head. She moves his head in many directions to see where his limit is. He knew that she would have already looked at other people and probably knew their limits. Billy thinks about saying "how did you do that?" but he doesn't have the heart. He moves his head and finds that his limits were near the ceiling. Presuming he could move his head in such a way, he does so. Immediately the girl screams and collapses. She moves backwards so swiftly that she has nowhere to go with her legs. She soon calms down after Billy reassures her. She says, "why does your body work like that? It’s unbelievable, I came in here because I wanted to know why you're so bendy. I mean, I do ballet so I'm quite flexible, but I want to be able to bend my body like you." "I don't know." Billy says as he creeps his head closer to her feet by pushing his body upwards. His body is doing everything on its own. She feels his toes on her legs as he bends them over his head into an extreme chest stand. She laughs as Billy's body collapses back on the floor. She also lays down and rests her body for a while. Billy kisses her. They kiss more and more. This lasted several minutes with Billy’s body moving onto her body. She pulls away and looks at him saying, "we need to stop." The school bell has rung, it is time for maths, Billy doesn’t want her to go so he hugs her from behind. He can feel his body moving on its own again as he is pushing his head downward. He is soon both lying on top of her and being pushed down by his body below him. She holds her legs in the splits while Billy keeps pushing his head down lower. She lets out a moan and tries to push his head down, but all she can do is moan louder. She is fighting not to let her body move. Billy nuzzles into her body as his tongue slides its way down from the top of her flat, youthful chest to the bottom. Her legs are placed so beautifully in a split that his tongue fits perfectly between them. She is fighting, she can’t let her body bend around him but she can't will her body to move. He licks her body as he easily slides down from her chest to her waistline. He and the girl are both moaning louder and louder. As her whole body is being pushed down, her head is falling back. The girl is moaning louder and louder; she lifted her neck. All she could move was her head. She grabs one of his ankles and pulls his leg behind his neck. Billy doesn’t mind being pulled. Her body is still in the splits. His legs are being held high above his head by her hand. Billy is now straddling her in the split, he has one foot on the wall behind him and the other on the ground. She is now face up in a front split. He can see her face. He has his hands on her hips in an over split. His legs are slowly sinking into a 270 degree over split against the wall as she turns to her flexible boy. She is moaning and crying out. Her voice is being cut off by Billy's body. He bends his head, his neck, his shoulders, down onto his back leg in an extraordinary position. He finishes her in this position. When she has finished, she lays there crying and moaning. Billy lifts his body up. He giggles as the noise of her crying is putting him into a happy mood. "I’ve never seen anything like that. You're like a contortionist stuck into a kids' body." She says as she sees him standing there. "How can your legs bend like that?" She strokes his legs as he smiles and looks at the floor. He is holding his arms close together behind his back and pushing his chest out. He looks so proud and glorious to himself. She asks, "How did you do that?" Billy turns to her and says, "I don't know" He turns around and walks out the window. She calls after him in disappointment. Billy walks around on his hands, eyes wide open. He holds his arms out wide for her to see. He is happier than all the people from before, all the people that don't believe him. At this moment he is free. The whole area is filled with people cheering and saying, "look how cool you are." He wants to let them all know how free he is. He runs into the toilets and uses the toilet, but the feeling is still out of this world. He walks up to the mirror to examine his new appearance. The reflection of him is glorious. He can see his lean, flexible body in the mirror. He can see his flawless face, compliments of his mouth, ears and eyes. He notices the subtle differences between him and everyone else. He sees the long, graceful muscles that have grown from his constant flexing and relaxing. He moves his head up and down and the lean muscles move with it. He moves his arm in and his muscular arms bulge out and float up and down. He flexes his back and stomach at the same time, he groans as his stomach bulges up to his pushing fingers. He can hear the admiring people telling everyone all about him. Gym class was never the same after that. During the warm-ups he would bend into triple folds and stretch his legs way over his head. Even during regular classes he was doing splits in his chair and sitting in pretzels while eating lunch. He was the bendy boy. He flexed and stretched his body until they all could tell how flexible he was. After school, the girl was never seen again. Billy continued to flex and stretch his body throughout his whole life. For the rest of his days he just planned on being bendy.
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