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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
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IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Robotic Rubber Girl

It had been a hard day at work. I was very tired lying on the couch reading the newspaper. I noticed an advertisement selling life-like robots. My interest was peaked when the ad said both genders, special orders available. Huh, I thought to myself. I wonder if they can make a girl robot to my very special specifications. I wanted one to look a special way and be super flexible. I closed my eyes and thought about the possibilities. The advertisement listed a phone number so I called. A very nice woman with a wonderful sounding voice answered. “May I help you place your order,” she said. Yes, but I would want my girl robot to be extremely flexible like a contortionist. I also want her to have blonde hair on her head and no other hair on her body expect for eyebrows. I want her to be 5’4” tall, weigh about 110 pounds, and have a muscular body with measurement I will specify,” I told her. “That would be no problem at all,” she told me. I was very happy to hear that so I placed my order. It would take four to six weeks for it to arrive. I waited patiently for my special package to arrive. One sunny Saturday morning, my patience paid off. The box was heavy so I helped the mail carrier carry it into the house. We placed it in the middle of the living room. I nervously began opening the box when I noticed the robot was neatly folded within the confines of the carton. All I could see were arms and legs tangled together. On top of the folded body parts was an envelope with “Open me first!” on top of it. I pulled up a chair next to the carton. Inside the envelope was a booklet containing the operating instructions for the “Robot 4000-GF. The introduction listed the specifications I detailed when I placed the order. Reading the instructions very carefully, I learned this model of robot is made of hyper-engineered material that needs little to no maintenance. It was water resistant and the batteries had a lifetime warranty. With fascination, I also learned the memory module also had voice recognition. The last instruction was to give it a name. I thought for a minute and decided to call her “Robie”, short for Robot. Excitement began setting in. I laid the booklet down on the table and began removing the robot from the carton. As I reached in grasping an arm and a leg, I was surprised how the skin felt. It was smooth and soft just like normal female skin. Robie did not feel cold or warm. With some struggle, I eventually got her out of the carton. She was lying on the floor and she looked beautiful. I looked down to study what looked like a real girl. She was 5’4” tall. I had specified a 36-22-36, 110 pound figure, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore only a tiny thong covering her very private part. Her body was hairless except for her hairdo and eyebrows. The fingernails and toenails were painted red along with the lipstick-like color on her lips. A wonderful fragrance came off her body. The instructions said all I needed to do is push the little button just below her right ear and she would come to life. Pushing the button, wonderful things began to happen. Robie slowly came to life. Her skin began warming up, her eyes opened and a little smile came to her lips. I programmed the voice recognition module saying her name. After telling Robie to stand up, she gracefully moved her limbs as a test function to see if all parts were working properly. Standing in front of me, she looked beautiful, gorgeous actually. If I did not know she was a robot, I would have thought she was living, breathing princess. “Turn around,” I said. Robie slowly turned so I could see the back of her body. I was happy I specified the full-bodied figure. Shoulders nicely shaped, waist very slim and her hips were luscious. The muscle tone all over her body was perfect. “Bend over and touch your toes keeping your legs straight,” I told her. She responded beautifully. Now, I really was getting excited. I stepped over to her and began feeling her body. The skin felt as it looked, soft and smooth. In the forward bend position, I could feel the muscles on the back of her legs stretched nicely. I stepped back and sat down again. Robie did not speak. She obeyed instructions perfectly but had to be instructed to move from one position to another. This was somewhat cumbersome at first, but as things went along, perhaps it was for the best. The instructions said that most commands could be programmed and be stored in memory; a feature I would come to love very soon. The first command I stored in memory was to have Robie follow me with her eyes. This made her look even more life-like than before. I also taught her to recognize objects such as furniture and walls. Other commands included human knots, splits and backbends. This was all very time consuming but well worth the effort. Having Robie programmed with all the basis contortion bends I wanted her to do for me, I was ready to bend her into more extreme poses. Now, the first real test was at hand. “Robie, front split,” I instructed. She hesitated for just a second before sliding down into a perfect split. I stepped over to her and adjusted her leg alignment and toe point. “Robie, remember,” I said. Next, I wanted to know if I could move her body parts while she was in that pose. I reached down and lifted her front leg up. It came up easily so I pulled it higher. To my amazement, I was able to raise the leg creating a 270° oversplit. This got me thinking perhaps I could bend her body into the most extreme positions that even mortal humans could not achieve. As I lowered her front leg I said “Robie, stand up.” She gracefully stood up and assumed the ready position, which was standing with feet apart, and hands on her hips. She looked gorgeous standing there. “Robie, 270° front oversplit against the wall,” I told her. She turned, looked at the wall next to the door, walked over to it raising her right leg high up onto the wall. Slowly, she slid her back leg along the floor lowering her hips to the floor. Walking over to her, I was amazed at the grace and control she displayed executing the pose. To add to my amazement, I then began lifting her back leg up. I lifted it up until it was pressing against her back. Wrapping her arms around the back leg to keep it in that position, I stepped back to admire my work. Robie was nearly doing a 360° front over split. The sight was incredible. I looked at her closely. I had contorted her body well beyond where most contortionists have never been able to accomplish. I was dumbfounded. She was capable of maintaining full control and coordination no matter how I contorted her body. Knowing now Robie can do such an extreme oversplits, I wanted to see it from another angle. I told her to lie on her side in the middle of the floor. “Robie, back split,” I told her. She arched her back a bit and pulled her right leg over her head. The bend was beautiful enough, but I wanted to make it even more extreme. On my knees, I pushed her left leg forward increasing the split. First, I took it to 270°. Releasing the leg, it stayed in position. I stood back to look at this wondrous sight. Robie lay on the floor holding the oversplit. Her body looked serine. There was no hint of strain. I especially loved the deep bend of her spine. This led me to think of another pose, but first I wanted to finish this one. I again pushed the leg further and did not stop until the full 360° oversplit was achieved. It is an impossible contortion, but I just had to see if Robie was capable of doing it. It seemed no extreme contortion was impossible for Robie. Her body seemed to be made of rubber. Truly, Robie was the perfect girl for every contortion fan. Her body was capable of bending in any direction. Only my lack of imagination would stop her from doing more extreme contortions. Still lying on the floor in the extreme back split, I brought her legs back together and laid her on her stomach. Intrigued in learning just how deeply her spine would fold, I placed her arms at her sides and began raising her legs up. I stopped when they were 90° to the floor. Surprisingly, when I let go, her legs remained in position. I stepped back to admire my work again. Another beautiful contortion! Robie’s bent spine created lovely folds of skin on her back. I pushed her legs all the way to the floor in front of her face. With her butt firmly sitting on her head, I could not help but admire how her rib cage had spread wide. The deep bend of her spine created a sharp angle of her rib cage clearly defining each rib. I softly ran my hands over all parts of her body. It felt incredibly natural. Wanting to see if I could bend her spine further, I lifted her hips from off her head and lowered them down to the floor in front of her face. Her butt sat firmly on the floor increasing the bend in her spine even further. I could not believe what I was seeing. This was an overwhelming contortion and yet Robie did it with ease. I sat next to her moving my hands over her body. Her spine was folded so extremely, there was no space for me to slip my hand between her back and her shoulders. To add to the beauty of this extreme backbend, I removed the tiny thong from Robie’s hips. Her hair free form lay fully exposed to my eyes. As I parted her legs further, her soft skin felt marvelous. I continued to spread her legs until they were in a full straddle split. There she was, her butt sitting on the floor in front of her face and her legs in a full straddle split. How many contortions that are more beautiful could I make Robie’s body do? I told her to stand back up. From the starting position, hands on hips with legs apart, I said, “Rosie, standing backbend.” As expected by now, she raised her arms above her head and began arching her back. As she lowered her head downward, I pushed on it keeping it very close to her back. When the top of her head reached the top of her butt, I stopped her. Moving around to the front of her, I pulled her shoulders toward me causing her spine to fold near her shoulder blades. Releasing the hold, I walked around her to look at this incredible contortion. I have never seen a female spine bend so completely that high up the spinal column. The odd thing was seeing Robie in this position while her arms were just hanging there. Ordinarily, one would expect the hands to be on the thighs pulling the bend in tighter. Robie not only proves to be made of rubber, she also proves she is not human. I now guided her head further down over her butt insuring that her spine maintained the incredibly sharp fold. When she was down as far as I could move her while still standing, I pushed the back of her neck flush against the back of her legs. Again, I had to feel all parts of her body. The angle of her rib cage was again spectacular. As I slowly ran my hands over her inner thighs, I could feel what felt like muscles. Moving higher up her legs, I finally came to the sweetest part of her body. It felt so good; I could not move my hand from there for several minutes. The backbend was as tight as is humanly possible. However, of course, Rosie is not human so I folded her spine further. To do this, I had to spread her legs apart far enough to allow her shoulders to pass through her legs. In the standing position, it would be very difficult to maintain her balance as I pulled her shoulders through. Therefore, I had an idea. Instead of standing, I should have her on a surface up off the floor. I remembered a long narrow table I had in the bedroom. Fetching it, I placed it in the center of the room. “Robie, head sit on the table,” I commanded. As expected, Robie moved with all grace to the table. She placed her chest on the table and kicked her legs up and over her head. The table was shoulder width wide so what I had in mind would work perfectly. I stepped in front of her face and pushed each leg down further down on each side of the table until her knees were well below her head. This was the most extreme contortion I had made Robie do. The sweet spot between her legs pressed firmly against the back of her head. I pushed her legs down even further and stepped aside to see my handiwork. I was speechless. Her beautiful smooth body was fully contorted into the most extreme backbend conceivable. This experience had been incredible. For the longest time, I dreamt of being able to bend a girl’s body into whatever contortion I desired. Even though Robie was not a real girl, this was a fantasy come true. As I had Robie bend into all these contortions, her memory bank was storing them. All I needed to do was briefly explain what pose I wanted her to assume, and she would glide her body into that pose. Most of the time, she would bend into the last contortion of that type she had done which was usually one of the most extreme bends. With time, she had a full repertoire of contortions. Only a couple remained; straddle oversplits and handstands. The handstands would allow me to move her body into other lovely backbends. I had already known that a 200° straddle oversplit was next to impossible for a real contortionist. However, at the same time, I sensed by now Robie could go far beyond that so I set out to prove it. I had her do a straddle split in front of the wall. When she was in position, I put her hands on the wall for balance. I knelt down behind her hips and pulled her legs back. Her feet were about 12” behind her hips when I got up to see how it looked. It was incredible. The folds of skin where her legs joined at her butt were beautiful. Her waist was very slim and I had her tilt her head back. This contortion gave lovely definition to her butt. I pulled her legs further back and stepped back again. It looked a bit freaky estimating the oversplit to be close to 250°. I finally found a contortion pose that was not beautiful. In my eyes, all the extreme bends I had seen so far were indeed beautiful. This overly extreme oversplit was not. It was not at all natural. From then on, I only had Robie do the 200° straddle oversplits. I moved her legs back to the 200° position when I had another idea. I pulled Robie’s arms back causing her spine to fold. Placing her head directly behind her butt, I told her to push her rib cage forward. Again, I had put her into a beautiful contortion. She was now in the full oversplit straddle and an extreme backbend at the same time. Because of the wall, I could not see clearly how the front angle looked so I thought next time I will put her in the center of the room before I have her bend like this again. Next was teaching Robie to do handstands. It was easy, actually. All I had her do is bend forward placing her hands on the floor. I told her to kick up her legs. As they both came up to the vertical position, I caught them and told her to hold that position. She was an excellent student. In a very short period, I had her walking around the room on her hands. I had been playing with Robie all day since she arrived and I was beginning to get tired. My focus had been completely on her and what extreme contortions I could teach her. Now, with her handstands, I was able to sit back and tell her to do whatever contortion poses I wanted. Eventually, she learned the name of each pose. After a little time off for something to eat, I got back to enjoying Robie. I sat on the couch watching her move from one contortion to the next. I could almost choreograph a contortion routine if I wanted. It was finally getting late but there was one contortion left. I told her to sit on the table with her legs in the lotus position and roll forward on her knees keeping her legs in the lotus. “Press your body into a handstand and sit on your head, Robie,” I said. As expected, she moved flawlessly into that position. “Place your finger tip at the edge of the table and lower your knees down until I say stop,” I told her. When she was at the edge of the table, her knees began to lower over her head. The bend in her spine was spectacular. As her knees moved below her hands, I stopped her and went over to her to admire the contortion. Amazing, I thought to myself. I had to run my hands over her body so I could more fully appreciate how extreme this position was. I had seen photos of this contortion, but I had never seen it in person. Robie’s butt was firmly tucked against her neck. To add to the total enjoyment of seeing this, I had her very slowly come back out of the pose. It was like watching a snake uncoil itself. It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. I was exhausted. I was suffering from brain drain, but I still wanted to bend Robie’s beautiful body. Then I remembered I had to go to work in the morning. With her lying on the floor in front of me, I could not help admiring her beauty. I knew she was only a robot, but I had come to think of her as a real person. I put her thong back on her hips and told her to stand up. “Well, I think that is enough for one day,” I said. For the next few days, all I could think about was how I was going to bend Robie’s body. When I was not playing with her, I merely switched the button off and stored her in the closet. The End