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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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The Rubber Robot

The rubber robot (translation via Google) I recently saw on the internet a very special doll shop: Custom-made robots were able to learn and for ALL things were available. Since I'm a fan of contortion, I immediately thought about my hobby and started a written request to the manufacturer. The next day a nice lady called out to the next town and said she was the representative of the company Real Doll and I should handle everything else about them. She asked me in detail what I wanted. In terms of the mobility I need to make me worry, latex is All malleable. When I demanded features: Weight pounds 45, at least 95 cm Chest, 185 size. The lady said, then the doll will extremely slim, yet very busty. Then I wanted to have a built-in heater for realistic body heat. No problem. What about the body orifices? Very stretchy, the lady said, tail length 40 cm in 5 cm diameter holes in all, that's okay. What about the power of electric motors? How much do you weigh? I called my weight of 110 pounds. No problem at this weight can strain the body as desired, in any position and can be worn for at least 30 minutes with the engines. Also extremely bent positions are included here. You could, for example, when the robot makes a Marinelli, to rely fully on her hip, for half an hour! Another thing, the drive of the doll needs oxygen and no more than 30 minutes without oxygen supply be. Movements can be programmed via voice input. The outside and inside body openings have special mechanical ring muscles of the slow, gliding programmable up to extremely rapid vibration. The robot has an intelligent situation recognition, be it to maintain the balance or the apparent sexual arousal. The robot has no protection from destruction because it is extremely durable, any use of force, in order to rotate the joints and spin allowed. To enhance the effect, the doll seems to feel pain when you exaggerate the movements. This manifests itself in moaning, trembling and tears apparent. However, this is NOT a reason to quit, it is just for the amusement of the viewer. Is the physical limit of a movement achieved, they just blocked and will not be by your 110 pounds of weight continued. Well, at DEM offer I was very happy that Robby should cost € 30,000 in guaranteed for life, was really acceptable to me and I ordered for delivery alsbaldigen. This should be tomorrow, with complete money back because of delivery delays!! For the next day I had taken a precaution holiday and awaited the parcel. At about 9 clock he rang and asked me to carry the heavy package into the apartment. Astonished, I saw a kind of hat with 40cm diameter, 40cm high. Good at mental arithmetic, I knew that's exactly 50 liters capacity. The doll should weigh 45 pounds?? When the parcel was gone, I opened the package that we had put on the table. When I lifted the lid, I saw a shapeless mass of flesh-colored material, body temperature, which filled the box up to the last corner. How should I get out of this stuff? In addition, still stuck as a small service company of some beer cans with it, I counted 10 pieces. Then I noticed that around the box for 6 rods inserted across the chest. Transport safety, remove stood on it. I pulled out the rods and decided to give it auszukippen simple and raised on the edge of the box, unfortunately it slipped from me, and the crowd rushed out, on the edge of the table to the floor, where she opened with a loud plop. They rolled apart slightly and I realized that it was the doll very well appointed, rolled up very little space. Slowly she unfolded and remained strangely twisted lie. The included manual, I gathered that I had to press the button, which was disguised as a left nipple, to wake the system from sleep mode. When I did that, the robot came to life and stood up. Wow! What was I since purchased! A SUPERWIFE, tall, very slim, large breasts, full long blond hair that fell to about her firm ass cheeks. She looked into the distance. Look at me, I ordered from and they always followed me with her eyes. Then I read further in the manual, we have hidden for a small beer surprise. Shake the doll! I clearly heard gurgling of beer cans. WHERE the hell? Ah, the body orifices! Inserted in the vagina after the other 3 doses. Amazing! Safe side, I continued to shake, Cluck! Then I found in the anus or 2 cans, neatly tucked behind the other. It gurgled Still, the esophagus! 5 full cans I got out there yet! Phenomenal! The first attempts Ok, let's try: Come here and hug my neck! Then you turn despite the hug in a circle until your belly again touched my belly. It was eerie how her upper body was rotated by 360 degrees. Now the same with the head! Her head rotated around very quickly, until they saw me again stared into his eyes. Now each leg, too! She turned each leg, until her feet were back to me. Let me go now and stay in stand! I was thrilled a few steps back to admire my work of art. Her entire body was covered with diagonal strips of skin, because he was so twisted. Then I came up behind her and said, legs apart at about a 45 degree angle! Then I grabbed her waist and pulled him brutally to the rear until it half with the shoulder blades was below her buttocks. Keep it up! I walked around her and grabbed her arms, I went through her legs through. Ah, the pain threshold was reached! Your pseudo breathing quickened, it sounded faint moan. Funny I came across it, so that they thundered on the back (?) Fell and I grabbed her hands and pulled it with all his might through the legs until the whole Robby lifted from the ground. I complained to the knees the body and moved on. A complaints heard and it ran thick pain tears from his eyes. Well, I'm satisfied, and let go again. Holding force Now let's test your holding force that is supposed to be so hot, I grinned. Stand up to the bars, so completely twisted as before, but straight! Grab the bar with both hands, gripping too hard and hebele your body with arms straight to the top. At its simulated painful facial expression I concluded that the servo motors worked on the stop, but she rose slowly into the air. So now with a clean Seitenspagat turned legs, but up to 120 degrees. The heavy breathing noise we noticed that the servo motors glowed. Now the back so bent back until the pussy abuts the shoulder blades! The legs in 360Gradsplit backwards and respect! I sat just to his feet to see if they thought it was. After a few minutes of breathing was panting, she moaned and trembled violently, until it dropped open then. DONE! Furious, I took the robot rolled into the corner. Maybe I was with my duties a little too harsh? I called the lady from the city. She asked how long I had to Robby already in operation. I meant, so about 12 hours hard work without rest. Oh you shame she cried in horror, you have not read the instruction manual that must be within 8 hours 1 hour rest, so that the batteries regenerate? I had not and I promised to improve. So, after a long hour of waiting, the same experiment again, bottoming succeeded perfectly, and so I sat there. Gradually, I got a full-grown seed storage and so I ordered that she broke a hand and took me to masturbate. Unfortunately, not held out her hand up to my pleasure center and so she had to bend her body also still extremely laterally, the orgasm was divine! Lost in happiness I mumbled down. Did not happen, the Robby thought the consequences. DOWN I ordered and she released her grip. We plopped down 2 feet and landed on the ground. Your infinite warped my whole body had to absorb impact weight. The impact squeezed all the air out of her body, she escaped with a sound that could be interpreted as almost human scream. With difficulty I got up and told her the same thing. Quite slow again she sorted her limbs until she again stood beside me. Good night! By now it was late, I had to work early in the morning already. So I thought, how can I keep the doll. I squeezed in Extrembackbend together so that their shoulders with the lower back formed a unity. In the resulting gap I tucked a thick rubber ring, which was fastened on another rubber on a Wandöse. Then I flipped press her legs up behind her back and angled the shins completely. That I was still also in the rubber ring of the upper body. Before I had even gehlammt another rubber ring with the ass cheeks against his back and secured this ring on another rubber on another Wandöse the opposite wall. The train was so very strong, I was able to hang with only a small pulley. The gums were practically a straight line without sagging with the body as a retaining clip. I then ordered: Hibernation and Robby was obedient to his eyes and turned itself off. When I saw them hanging so I came back about feelings, I came to the hanging body and rammed him, as I had never done it before. Robby seemed to be sleeping peacefully and then I went to bed. When I walked into the office in the morning, I forgot to hang it, which I took only about 18 clock when I got home. The Aufhängerei had its consequences left in the flesh could be seen deep grooves where the rubber had tied. I woke her up by the push of a button on the chest again, and we occupied ourselves on. Holding force 2 Because I had a small column in the living room, where I took a strong spiral firmly. Robby had to work her fingers to the back and push the hands with the fingers pinched in the spring. That they had support, but in a really bad angle, which promised to be very painful. Then I said: Lift up stretch, and Robby was hovering horizontally like a magician in the air, but by our own power. Almost weightless looked the like because they are stretched. Her slim body was full of tense and beautiful muscles bulged because of the soft warm skin. Spread your legs, I want to fuck now, I called and made Robby's legs really wide, namely in Seitenspagat up behind her head! It hung a little too high for me, I jumped up slightly and prop myself onto her legs. Very dangerous and they bounced softly moans were heard. Now the legs in the joint rotation additionally up, I pulled a lot from it, and with a faint crunch they obeyed. Now I was still comfortable, but why I should not be on her legs? I forced them to stretch their legs again perfectly horizontal, the ball joints were cracked long ago from the pans, and a few almost steely sinew held them together. Now they should lower the legs twisted in addition to bottom that I could store my fucking easy. She moaned loudly, frantically breathed, tears were rolling down her face, but she kept through the whole hour. When she was around, she slumped down quite dangerous, the hands were dislocated. Training Mode The lady called again and asked if I had read on the training mode ... I did not ... So, by pulling on the nipple, the training mode is turned on, this is for unattended fitness of the doll by then plays nonstop all made so far exercises and thus still gaining precision. Unexpected end Suddenly the telephone rang and the lady's turn. She was very embarrassed and hemmed and hawed for a while. Finally they came out with the truth, the delivery of the doll have been delayed and now finally they had arrived. And there would still be the problem of refund for late delivery. She almost broke and the financial setback, she had ruined. Stunned I thought the doll was still here with me! No, this is not a real doll, you have not noticed? This is my daughter who saved me by being filled in for the doll. Were you satisfied? I said yes and went speechless again into the next room, where the doll gymnastics even in extreme positions. Hey, I said, now I know everything! Thank God, she cried, now I no longer have me adjust Sun You know, first, when you were still quite awkward, sometimes I thought about giving up. But then I had a lot of fun to your child's fun, the exercises that you made with me, the better my skills tremendously, to the pain that you zubereitetest me who incited me extremely sexually. What struck me most was turnt, your brutality, because you had no idea that I am a human being. I was constantly faced with completely unpredictable most painful contortions and dilemmas, and still be brutally fucked ... ahhh! One or 2 times you had me inadvertently almost killed! This was incredibly cool to be delivered and is not likely to come back, because you know me now! Oh, I've an idea! We can deliver real and Sexroboter but YOU are managing it. I never know who I really have in front of me and can be as spontaneous as I want! EXACTLY! That's the solution, they cheered! Tell me, I asked, You are an absolute Sexakrobat how the haste learned in your tender age? She laughed: My mother has trained me since childhood, and it's really not a prude! I can do with my body openings things of which you have not even dreamed of! I'll pass on demonstrating something: Put me in my crate! I filled in a lot of heave-ho and pushing, pressing and stepping back into the hat. So now any shipping new items! Above and below that was clear, it was impenetrable to fixing the body. But the 2 sticks in the middle? Will you then not hurt? Do not worry, slide it carefully! I have since just squirm around a little! Easy! Uch! With slight resistance it worked without problems. You know that I by special yoga can hold their breath for an hour? But please DO NOT exceed that could be the death of me. NEVER! NOW ONLY I want it that way! First of a pre-demo: Turn around times! I heard some strange noises time, then suddenly I was scared half to death, because she grabbed me from behind by the legs of the eggs. I turned around and there she came in all naked beauty out of the box. So sure is not the prison so I can make myself pretty small, she grinned. But now down to business, back into the crate water up to the brim, a tight wire mesh over it, so I can not get out and then you go walking for 2 hours! Said and done, when I filled them, the water I discovered to my surprise that only 2 liters went in, so tight she filled out the box! The transit bolts and wire mesh on it and off to walk. I went to a bar, drank a few beers, was hit on by a guy, fight, police, police station. When she left me out again, it was just after midnight, 12 hours late! Foreboding I opened the door and heard her complain. I looked to see she was still trapped and SURVIVED! Water no longer see!! I released her, she shivered the first time and had a huge lake liquid out of her pussy. I just drank the water. That was really the whole trick! And? Yes, then you came not back again and I realized that I had to pee more and more. The water rose, and after a short time I could no longer breathe. And? If I should die? I have the stuff just sucked up into my cunt, yes is enough space in there! I keep in touch with you, if you will, with my mother I can handle it! I have only one condition: If I must once again stand in the future for the business of my mother, I do that too! Eh, not really all that bad, so we always get new ideas!