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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Lana Part 3

It wasn’t long before Jack went back to Angels in search of another dance from Lana. Her body and all the amazing things she could do with it we’re all he could think about. Jack found his way back to the club night after night looking for Lana but without success. He usually sat at the bar scanning the room trying not to catch the eye of some of the nastier looking customers. Why would she work in a place like this? he would think to himself. He would always refuse the advances of the other girls that worked there as none came even close to comparing to Lana. He would ask after her but none of the girls he asked would know where she was or when she would be working next. Many nights went by and Jacks money started to run out. He decided to concentrate his efforts on getting another job, which he did, but all the time he couldn’t get Lana out of his mind. That long flowing wavy red hair, the perfect skin, perfect curves and a face that would be welcome on any magazine cover or movie poster. She was perfection. The weeks went by and no sign of Lana. The weeks turned into months and Jack began to gave up hope of ever seeing his bendy red haired siren again. He had settled in well at his new job and had made friends with many of his new colleagues. One weekend he got invited to a party. It was at a boss of a another department’s grand house in the countryside. Around a hundred people were there when he arrived and it was a glitzy affair. Everyone was dressed up and ready to party, Jack wearing his best black suit. He still longed for another moment with Lana and wasn’t in the mood to party but wanted to keep making friends at his new job so went in to try and enjoy himself. There was a large dance floor set up in the biggest room, loud music coming from a DJ box in the corner and a bar in the next room. Waiters and waitresses prowled the room with party food and glasses of champagne offering it to guests. Jack decided to sit at the bar and order a drink, a ritual he was accustomed to at Angels most nights, and he began to scan the room to see who was there. Out of nowhere he felt a hand run across his shoulders and down his back “hello stranger” said a familiar voice. He would recognise that sexy raspy tone anywhere and turned round to find his dream girl Lana standing right next to him. His stomach turned and his mind exploded with joy but he wanted to keep his cool and reciprocated with “Hello stranger”. She was just as beautiful as he remembered. She was wearing more clothes than he saw her in last time but was no less sexy. We had on a red sparkly dress with a long slit up the side showing off her legs that went in forever. It was low cut and barely held her ample breast in place. He red wavy hair was all brushed to flow down one side of her body and she looked like a real life Jessica Rabbit. Lana leaned into him and whispered in his ear “do you remember me? Because I remember you”. “I do” replied Jack. “Lana, from Angels, I’ve been going back again and again looking for you. You blew my mind and I needed to see you again” “I know, I’ve been sitting in the bar opposite looking out for you most nights. I’ve seen you go in but I can’t follow you. No one I’ve met has ever treated me like you did. I wanted to get to know you better” Jack bought Lana a drink and they went and sat on a sofa in a quiet part of the house. They began to chat and Jack found out Lana had a bad run in with a very important customer at Angels and had hit him. She was asked to leave and never come back. She spent many nights in the bar opposite looking out for Jack but every time she saw him go in Angels she couldn’t go after him. They had been looking for each other for months but never managed to meet. Lana explained that where they were was her uncles house and that she was staying there while she got her life in order. She thought this party would be full of boring work types but was so happy when she saw Jack at the bar. She was much more friendly and chatty than at Angels and the two of them talked for a good hour before Lana’s amazing contortion skills came up in conversation. Jack mustered up all his courage and asked “are you still as bendy as I remember?” “Of course I am, I’ve even been working on new moves for you like I promised”. A wry smile came across her face and she put her hand out to Jack and said, “Come up to my room and I will show you” Jack took Lana’s hand and followed her upstairs to her room. Her hips swayed as she walked and the sparkly dress just made her ooze with sex appeal. She was everything he always dreamed of in a woman and she was taking the lead. His mind was racing with thoughts of what was to come. “My uncle is letting me stay in this room” explained Lana as she walked through the door. The room was enormous with a huge four poster bed on one side and a luxurious sofa on the other. “I will have to warm up a little first but not much. I can see in your eyes you love watching me bend my body. I love to be watched, I love to try to arouse you, to tease and to tempt. Can you unzip me?” She turned her back to Jack after closing the door behind them and moved her hand up the back of her dress. Jack found a new level of confidence after their talk and slowly unzipped the sparkly dress. It stuck to every curve of Lana’s perfect body as it slowly fell to the floor. Lana posed for Jack, now naked except for a tiny lace thong, a pair of heels and a necklace. Her wavy dark red her fell perfectly down her back to her peachy behind and the heels just made her slender long legs look even longer. Lana started my sliding down into a perfect middle split on the floor in front the the sofa. Her bum looked so amazing in this position and it only got better. She leant forward until her body was lying flat on the floor and began to rock and slide back and forth to get an extra stretch and give Jack a sneaky peek at her lace covered private areas. Jack sat on the edge of the bed and watched what he had been dreaming about for months. Still in the splits Lana raised her head up and arched her back more and more until her head touched her bum. Her stomach was still on the floor as she curled her back up enough to flash Jack a smile. She kept her back arched, brought her legs back together and rolled up into a chest stand. She then took hold of her feet and with ease brought them back until she was in a triplefold. All of Lana’s moves were performed slowly and sensuously with no effort at all. She uncurled and stood up in front of Jack. Her perfect body was a sight to behold. Curves in all the right places accentuated with that deep red long hair, faultless skin and Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her. “That’s enough of a warm up, now I want to take you to heaven.” Slowly she walked over to Jack on the bed “lie down” she whispered. Lana liked being in control and Jack did what he was told. She raised one leg high to her side and placed it on the bed slowly. She climbed onto the bed and using the top of the four poster to support herself stood over Jack. She began by bending forward, keeping her legs straight, and giving Jack a long lingering kiss that he would remember forever. She then bent backwards. Her head disappeared then reappeared between her legs, her back folded completely against the back of her legs. She grabbed her thighs and bent her knees until her glistening torso and ample breasts were hovering over Jack, teasing him. He reached up to grab hold of her “not yet” she commanded back. Her body lowered onto Jacks pressing into his chest as she grabbed her knees and slowly slid into a triple fold again but this time on top of Jack. Slowly and with purpose she took her arms one by one and slid them through the gap in her thighs until they were either side of Jacks head. Her aroma was intoxicating and her supple body bending while of top of Jack make him rock hard in an instant. Lana continued to deepen the bend and her head and shoulders slowly followed her arms through the gap between her thighs. Without an ounce of effect her torso kept sliding up Jacks chest until her thighs sat neatly under her rib cage. This was an unbelievable sight for Jack and one not many people have ever seen before. Lana’s body was bent to the extreme on top of him with her perfect bottom now tightly curled onto he lower back “Is this too extreme for you?” She whispered in his ear. “It’s incredible, beautiful and too sexy for words” Jack replied “I don’t even know how it’s possible” “I want to do things only possible in your dreams, I love to be able to do things no one else can” she explained in that soft raspy voice that sent shivers down Jacks body. With that she put her hands down and pushed her head and shoulders up tightening the curl in her body and given Jack a prefect view of her amazing breasts. She let out a satisfied sigh, she was enjoying this and it was turning her on at the same time as Jack. She held the pose for a few seconds then lowered her body and began to uncurl this incredible bend. Her legs parted into a perfect straddle which she held perfectly as her back unfolded and came to rest onto Jacks bulging trousers. “I can tell you liked that too” she said with a knowing smile and look. She sat upright on Jacks crotch, even this was too much for him and he was ready to blow. Then, without hands, she raised her left foot up and then behind her head tussling the wavy red hair as it moved lower down her back. Then the right foot followed it over her head and down her back until she was sitting there with her legs in a neat knot behind her upper back. She flashed Jack a smile and shifted backwards a little to drop herself in between his legs. Jack parted his legs a little to help her balance but she didn’t need it. Lana bent forward using her legs to tighten her body up more and more until her face was inches from his bulge. Using her teeth she skillfully undid the button on his trousers and slowly unzipped them to reveal his manhood. She planted her hands to steady her self and continued to tighten the bend until she was able to slide those perfect red lips over his member and gave him pleasure like he’d never felt before. Lana could sense Jack was ready to blow as it his the back of her throat so she slowed down and then started to uncurl this amazing frontbend. She didn’t want this to end just yet so took her legs from behind her head and rippled her body like a snake back up the bed and into Jacks arms. “You are out of this world” Jack told her. “And so are you” she replied. “I’ve always wanted someone who treats me like a person and not a piece of meat and I think I’ve found them”. Jack beamed and wrapped his arms around her. He might have just fell in love with this perfect redhead contortionist and she was falling for him too. “Look out” Lana whispered again in his ear. Jack noticed she had now removed her lacy underwear and heels and lifted her leg up to his face. He began sucking her toes and she moaned with pleasure. She moved her foot away and said “I want to show you one more trick I’ve been working on” She got up and fetched a long red ribbon from the other side of the room, throwing it over the top part of the four poster bed so a length of it fell down each side. She climbed on the bed and let Jack have a good look at every curve of her perfect naked body. Her skin glistened with sweat as she reached down and tied the ribbon around each of her ankles. “This is my favourite” she gasped “and now I have a chance to try it with someone”. Lana reached up to a hole in the roof of the bed and grabbed the middle of the ribbon then slowly slid her feet apart on the bed until she was again in a perfect straddle split. She began to wind the ribbon around her forearm. With another wind Jack started to see her feet raise from the bed. She leaned forward and gave him another lingering kiss and wound the ribbon again and again. Slowly her legs were raised off the bed until she was in a deep over split. Her legs must have been at around 240 degrees before her body began to rise from the bed. She kept winding the ribbon and her slender legs kept straight and she stopped when her whole frame was about a foot away from the bed and her legs had sank into an even deeper split of 270 degrees. “Come here” she beckoned to Jack. He got up and moved over to her and she gestured for him to lie down under her. Her didn't need to told twice and took up position under her. He liked being bossed around my this bendy beauty. Lana loosened the ribbon a little to allow Jack to reach up and start pleasuring her with his tongue. He probed her stretched pussy with his tongue as she let out whimper after whimper of pleasure. They were both on the edge of ecstasy and Lana let go of the ribbon and lowered herself still in the splits and Jack positioned his manhood to finish her off. She rode him hard until they both came together in a cacophony of pleasure like neither had felt before. They fell into each other’s arms, “I never want to lose you again” they said over each other and at the same time. Lana raised one of her shapely legs up, over and behind her head and began running her toes through Jacks hair until they both fell asleep….. To be continued…..