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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Contortion Story

Jessica had just gotten off the phone with Kate, her girlfriend of the last few months. The relationship was going well, the sex was good, and it was clear that they weren't going anywhere. They were far too compatible for that. This body of text isn't necessarily about the emotional aspect of their relationship. It was 7 in the evening and Kate was on her way to Jessica's place, she had just gotten a suitcase that would "change our sex lives as we knew it". She just expected some fancy dildos. Sometime later, Kate arrived at her house and came inside, leaving the suitcase on the kitchen counter. "How was work?" Jessica had enquired. "Okay, I suppose" Kate responded automatically. "I know what you want to know, you want to see the contents of this... suitcase" "Oh yes indeed" Jessica replied coquettishly, doing a quick, exaggerated switch of what leg she had crossed over the other. "Well, take a look" The suitcase housed many pins in foam imprints, they were all just under an inch long and had spheres on their opposite ends. The majority of them were pink. "What's all this?" Jessica knew there was more to it, but this looked like half of a sewing kit. "Watch." Kate took one of the pink pins from the case and pushed it all the way into her shoulder, eliciting a wince from Jessica. Her fingers seemed to retreat into her forearm, which in turn retreated into her shoulder. In moments, her entire arm was gone, the pink bit was visible on the surface of her shoulder, but it could only be seen reasonably seen up close, and was deep enough that you'd have to push down the surrounding skin to remove it. "That's... Incredible!" "Hahaha, yes, it's wonderful. It also increases your overall flexibility and dexterity to compensate for what you're losing" Kate demonstrated this by sitting down and putting her leg behind her head. "Wow! Can it be reversed though?" "Of course, I don't want to live like this forever" She said as she pulled the pin out of her shoulder, her arm grew back after a minute. "That's so cool! I know just what to do" Jessica went to the suitcase and took out 4 standard pins, she quickly stuck them in her shoulders and the high points on her legs. Kate bit her lip in anticipation, she was taken aback with how eager she was. A similar reduction process occurred, and Jessica was quickly rendered limbless, all she had left were her shoulders and a movable inch of "leg". "Ohhhh this is excellent! Hurry, take my clothes off!" Kate, with spiked libido, complied. "Wow..." Jessica uttered as she lay on her back, she craned her neck, which caused no pain, looking at what was left of herself. "So the pins compensate by increasing flexibility?" "That's what the manual says" "Well then..." Jessica experimented, rolling herself over. "Wah! I'm so light!" She then arched her back until she folded completely in half, her ass resting on top of her head. "That's amazing!" Kate remarked, fidgeting to deal with the wetness coming between her legs. Jessica then relaxed and went prone before doing the same thing, but using different muscles to rest her head on her ass. "Hahahaha, I could easily sleep like this" Jessica then rolled back onto her back, Kate was very impressed with how easy it was for her to adapt. Jessica always wanted to try licking herself, but never could. So she then bent forward, folding completely in half again, burying her face into her crotch. "Mmmph!" The fact that she was able to do it overrode the actual sensations of licking her own clitoris, she came rather quickly. Kate was finding it extremely difficult to hold herself back. "Wow, that was so cool! I've always wanted to do that!" Jessica exclaimed in exhaustion, she arched her back with intent of a regular post-sleep stretch, but unintentionally did a 135 degree back bend. "Are you ready to go again?" Kate asked. "Of course!" Jessica replied, squirming her pelvis about. Kate went to the suitcase and got an orange pin, of which there were only a few of. She then stripped down and kneeled in front of Jessica before slowly pushing the pin into her clitoris. "Nnnnnmm" It clearly hurt a bit, but once it was in all the way, she didn't seem to notice it. "That looked kinda painful" Jessica remarked as she looked up at her. "Don't worry, the pain is gone once it's in" After a few moments, Kates vagina started to "zip up", becoming smaller and smaller as her clitoris seemed to grow larger. The transformation was clear after about a minute, when her vagina was completely gone, and a feminine penis took its place. There was no scrotum, and the penis didn't have any hair, nor could you easily see any veins. The pin, if you looked carefully, was positioned just under her frenulum. Jessica was clearly excited. "Oh my gosh Kate! Put it in!" She gyrated her hips in anticipation. Kate gently picked her up, and sat her on her lap, as she sat in a wide seiza position. They kissed for some time, but Jessica's fidgeting hips made it clear what she wanted. She bent all the way forward and engulfed Kates penis in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it, sucking, Kate moaned and tensed with pleasure. This wouldn't hold her much longer. Kate finally picked up Jessica and slid into her, pumping her whole body up and down, using her like a full sized masterbation toy. In the chaos, Kate was simotaneously interested in the limits of the flexibility increase. While in a slow pump, Kate put both hands on Jessica's left hip and shoulder and pulled. To her surprise, Kate twisted in a way that seemed possible, but clearly wasn't, her pelvis and pussy faced the opposite direction of her navel and chest. "Ahh!!!" Jessica tried to see what was happening, she ended up twisting her head around 180 degrees, her tits pointed away from Kate, leaving Jessica to watch the smooth feminine cock go in and out. In one last, proud thrust, Kate and Jessica came at roughly the same time, Kate pulling out part way to see a clear-white fluid spurting out. See gently pulled Jessica off of her still erect cock and allowed her hips to snap back to their original position. They rested, Kate hugged Jessica from behind, though her twisted neck made it feel like a forward hug, though she soon turned back to a neutral position. "That actually freaked me out a bit" "What? The neck twisting?" "Yeah" "Yeah, me too, I didn't realize it made you felxible in places like that" "How far can you twist?" "Uhh, I'll find out!" Jessica, still resting in Kate's grasp, twisted her head until it was backwards, then kept going until she completed a 300 degree turn. "It starts to hurt a bit when I get here" She said. It was so strange, it seemed like the viens in her neck went along with her. She snapped back into neutral-forward. "You know... I'd like to try that out too" She eyed Kate's cock. "Well then.." "Ah!" It wasn't initially pleasant, getting your clitoris stabbed with a pin, but it quickly became pleasure. "I've always wondered what this sort of thing would feel like" Kate held onto Jessica's still limbless shoulders in front of her on the bed, carefully gyrating their new penises against each other. Their glans smoothly glided around the others. "I'm so~ Ugh!" Jessica couldn't take it. She bent down, in half, using her modified flexibility to lick both of their cocks at once. It didn't last much longer. Soon enough, they cleaned up their mess, and Kate had to go to a night shift at the hospital. Duty calls. "Are you sure you want to stay like this?" Kate asked. "Of course, nothing can go wrong" Jessica demonstrated by twisting her neck, grabbing the pin in her shoulder with her teeth. Though, the genital-reversal pin had been removed. She was still nude, though the heater had been turned on. "Well, hopefully you'll learn to move around like that!" "I'll see you soon!" "Love you, my little pet." Kate briefly picked her up for a hug before going out the door.