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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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3D Glasses

This Story is available only in German language. Google translated: Actually it all started very harmless. I found out that I could expand my phone to a 3D glasses, by buying a simple kit of cardboard and two lenses, a little tinkering and tadaa, a virtual reality glasses! I just need to slide my phone into the rack, select a video and put them on and then just sit back and still enjoy a video in 3D. It even responded to my movements, so I when the video was adjusted so that could see "Object" from all sides. However, after a few test videos from YouTube I wanted to see more. Simple nature videos in 3D were boring. So I was once "pole dance" as a search term. The first result was stunning. A beautiful slender woman, long legs, lush bust and long red hair until firm asses, turned on a pole. I just had his head slightly tilted and I could observe their rotations from below as her step was moving in an endless loop on the rod along. In the second video, they hung in a balancing act on the pole, legs straight on the bar, and turned again in an endless loop. A balancing act I've ever seen in 3D - it was very exhilarating and exciting. I immediately moved back the video. I wanted to see more splits, and other articulated and elegant movements. In my search, I found the term "Contortion" and a name: "Zlata". I pushed then quickly to the site of a snake woman with this name. She had captivated me immediately. A blond beauty who carried out the most unlikely moves in every conceivable costume. Time she sat in a latex body dressed with both legs far behind his back on a pedestal, sometimes in put them in underwear in a small box, and another time she wore nothing on his body and leaned so far back that they by their legs looked forward again. I could not get enough of me. And, as if reading my thoughts, a 3D video was offered, that should even be interactive. I immediately closed my phone to the PC, put my headset on, the 3D glasses and opened the video. It took a while but then started the video. Just off my sight went by Zlata and stood well a felt feet to myself. She was wearing a skimpy green bikini and high heels. The long blond hair she wore open. She turned twice in a circle, eh she started forward and to bend over backwards. Only normal, like every other person can also, then keep going. It was very exciting to see that in 3D. Before long, she swung by her legs through. Zlata leaned back further and further, until she looked through her legs forward to me. In one fell swoop they came forward again, very quickly, swung now forward through her legs curled up over her back and looked at me again, bent into a tight knot. She opened her legs and sat down in the splits on the floor. It was as if she were in front of me really. Shortly, it looked as if her bikini slips, but unfortunately the resolution was of my screen is not enough to see it exactly, and besides, she tugged quickly cope. Suddenly I heard a "And now?". How did that happen? I pulled off the headset, but I was alone at home. I put it on again and listened. "And now? What should I do now?". It came through my headset. I was amazed when I saw that Zlatas mouth moved. It has to come from the video. I remembered that it should be interactive, yes, but so much? I said into the headset: "? Quadrofold". "You can safely say whole sentences" came at the moment with a very sympathetic Eastern European accent back. "This is not a recording, which is a live video. Did you not read exactly? ". Oh my God! I really thought this would be a record, but now I really had Zlata in a Live Video "before" me, and I was able to really want me poses that I was able to see in 3D! I stammered "k ... k ... could you please make a Quadrofold?" And she giggled "na klar". Eh I could try to be a reasonably clear idea she forced herself back through her legs and became a flat cube. "How long can you stay that way?" I asked, what they proposed, we could still find out and we just have a conversation until they can no longer stand. After a Fifteen minutes Smalltalk she twisted away and said she would be stretched once in the other direction. Zlata lay down on his back, straightened her torso and catapulted her legs backwards, leaning on her calves from and pushed further upward. Her hands went to her thighs and she pressed further and further forward. Then she bit her quite boldly in their own backside, grinning at the camera. "I think that's enough for today, right?" And a date on a next appointment, we finished both the transmission. I expect to continue this conversation hardly. I'm considering already strong new poses that I can ask for.