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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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My name is Jenny, I am in my last year at school,I had stayed on to do my exams and now at the age of 18, it was soon time to move into the big wide world. I have always been into sports, mainly gymnastics but never seriously. Anyway I had a work placement found for me at a local gym, my teacher thought that I was more physically adept than mentally, a little rude I always thought but probably true. I turned up at the gym and after being shown around, I was asked to do some cleaning, not a great start but I got on and started mopping the floors. In one of the areas there was a football match going on so I went into a side room to clean. There was about 10 girls all jumping about, so I stood and watched, it looked like fun. "Dont just stand there - join in" said the man in charge. Who was I to argue as he was about 3o but very cute with a great body. After a short warm up time, "We must do our stretches." he said. We all lined up and everyone slid into a splits position, leg out in front. Luckily I was flexible too. "Now drop your heads back and arch your backs" he said. Now I'm flexible but not overly but I tried my best, leaning back as far as I could, "That needs work" he said and pushed on my shoulders trying to get a tighter bend, some of the girls had their heads resting on their legs and 2 of them had got their heads to touch the floor. "You really need to try harder" I felt like I was letting him down - how silly. "Right, relax and when your ready, I want to see feet on your heads" he barked. Again, in a line everyone laid face down and brought their legs up and over, I managed to get my feet resting on my head, it was fairly easy for me so I was happy with my position. "moan about that." I thought. "Now slide your feet forwards, bottoms on heads", I slid my feet forwards over the floor but again I was no where close. "come on" he said "no pain-no gain" and with that he started to push down on my hips. I could feel my back bending tighter, my bottom getting closer to my head, it did hurt but "no pain etc" I thought. I glanced over to see most of the others had managed to do as he asked, then I realised I too was getting close. "sue" he called, "come over and count down for me". One of the girls came over to us and looking at the distance between my bottom and my head said "about 15 centimeters". "oh my god" I thought, "thats miles away". The teacher laid more of his weight on me, the pain was quite bad but not so bad I wanted to stop. "10 centimeters" she said. I wondered where those 5 had gone as the pain wasnt increasing, "take a break" he said to me but I said "no - keep going", I didnt want to quit when I was getting close. He pushed harder, putting almost all his weight on me, "5 centimeters" sue shouted, "so close". The pain was there but still it wasnt so bad I wanted to stop, "Don't stop till I tell you to" I panted, it was starting to get hard to breath now. With one more push I felt my bottom touch my head, lightly at first but then slowly it came to rest hard against my head. Ok my head was stretched back but it was still a great achievement and something I had never done or thought possible for me to do. "relax" he said, "that was really good!". "keep that up and you will give sue a run for her money" he laughed, sue went staight into a backbend, stretched her legs out infront of her and lowered her bottom onto her head, then the teacher pushed sue's legs to one side and as he did with me, pushed down hard. Sue's bottom went past her head and finally rested on the floor next to her head. "Oh my god, thats fantastic, you are made of rubber" I said. "practice, thats all. Then you could do that too" he said. "ok now finally tonight, who has the best move to show the new girl?" he asked. Sue put up her hand, "me, I can do a Ruppel bend", I wondered what that was, she was amazingly flexible so it was probably something insane I thought. Sue bent over backwards and into an amazingly tight back bend, I watched in amazement as she pulled her body so tight together, "grab my arms" she said to the teacher, he did and pulled. Her head slowly slid through between her legs, then her neck, followed by her shoulders, "how far can this go on for?" I asked myself. Her arms folded around her legs and her armpits rested on her legs and she even looked and smiled. "Give me your hands" the teacher said to her, he laid on his back and put his feet on her legs and pulled on her hands. Now, I'm no expert but I think the extra force made her hips slightly dislocate as her whole body rotated even more, she had now got her waist almost between her legs.They held that for a few seconds, then he released her and she slowly unwound. Everyone clapped, I dont think there has ever been such a far backbend done before. After, I went and spoke to sue, she had been to the club for 3 years and she said that the teacher was one of the best, he knew how far he could push a body in its flexibility and I had seen that first hand. When Sue had started there she wasnt overly bendy, but with practice she had become the most flexible girl there and had started to train gymnasts herself. "I love to see the look on peoples faces when I twist and stretch" she said, "They think I'm going to snap in two or something, its worth the pain to see them gasp when I get forced into the most extreme poses." It does hurt but after a while it gets easier, I can probably sleep with my feet on my head, I'm wondering if there is a Guinness world of records record for the longest time in an extreme pose? I would love to be tied up and see how long I can last for" sue said, I wondered if that was true or if it was just her trying to get a reaction. I would love to tie her up in a crazy folded position and see how long she could hold it for, maybe we will do that in class one day. With her knowledge of being forced to bend by the teacher and as she also knew how far to push herself, she would make a good teacher too. I spent several weeks with her, she wasnt as strong pulling or pushing as the teacher, so she said she had several straps that she could tie to the floor and with a ratchet she could increase the forces used quite easily, I wasn't sure at first but she had me lay on the floor and lean backwards, the strap went over my shoulders and she slowly tightened them, drawing my head downward and increasing the backbend. one click, then another till my back was folded tight and my head rested on my butt. "The longer you can stay there, the easier it is." she said. I only managed a minute then, but I have improved and enjoyed having my body forced into the unnatural positions only contortionists can do and staying like it for as long as possible. I have helped Sue too, she decided that there was not enough twisting done anywhere so she would hold do a front bend and grab opposite legs and twist her body so her back rested on her legs. She also did a backbend and again grabbing opposite legs, twisted her body so instead of facing backwards, she faced the same way as her legs, she could pull herself tight so her shoulders touched her legs and her body was twisted 180 degrees. This wasnt extreme enough, and one time, while in this position, I steaded her body while she spread her legs sideways and slowly inched her way to the floor, the back of her head touched the floor and she sat on her face, not like some badly angled picture, but full on mouth to pussy, she could have easily slipped her own tongue into herself, maybe she had I thought when she was alone, she seemed to have no limits to what she could achieve. Since then I have been back to the "contortion club" and got quite close to the instructor who was so impressed by the amount i have improved. He asked me if I would like to be in a magazine he was going to produce. It was going to be all about contortion, training, stories, pictures - in fact anything to do with flexibility. I jumped at the chance and arranged a day. I wasnt sure what to expect so I made sure I was fully ready for anything, I had my haircut, nails done and a full body wax - and I do mean FULL! When I arrived, to my surprise Sue was already there, wearing a skin tight leotard and doing some flexibility poses. "Hi" they both said but not stopping. we had some wine and Vodka, it would loosen me up to the camera and help with the flexibility of my body too he said. "Do ya both wanna get changed?" he asked. Although I had brought some clothes, he said he had some bits he would like us to wear. We went into the changing room and opened the bag. I couldnt believe what he had put in there, about 10 bikinis, but not normal size, not small, but the tiniest I had ever seen. "Are you joking?" I shouted, "No, you two have great bodies, and we need to show them off." he replied. "If your too scared, dont bother, you can try some other stuff on," he said with a slight laugh. I thought "Me scared? I'll show him." I then saw that Sue has slipped out of the leotard and had already put on a bikini. I picked the biggest lime green one out, each bit of the top was about 10cm wide, and to be honest, fitted well, but the bottom was a different matter, I put it on and it didnt even cover from one side of my leg to the other, there was a gap about 1cm either side, "So glad I had waxed everything off" I thought. Sue had chosen a red one, about the same size but didnt seem bothered how small it was. We came out and stood there, "Oh my god" he stammered, "Now dont you feel as good as you look?" I smiled and had a big glass of wine. We took some photos, not many contortion ones at first, he wanted me to get used to the feel of the bikini, but slowly I became more relaxed and started bending more and more, especially as Sue seemed so natural and was doing some great contortion. "Can I choose the next bikini for you to wear now?" he asked. He went to the bag and got two out. "That will make some great shots, put them on." he said. I went behind the screen and there, on the side was a black bikini, I picked it up put the top on first, it was a lot smaller than the last, about 5cm wide and only just covered my nipples, "My boobs will fall out when I bend over" I thought, but to my amazement they didnt. I put the bottoms on, they were about 5cm wide and very low with just string for the rest and tie sides. Again Sue's was the same, tiny as possible. Strangely I liked them, it made me feel so sexy, I didnt even think about anything, I just walked out. "Wow" he said, "That looks so amazing, you almost shouldnt be allowed to be seen like that" He gasped. I turned around so he could see the string holding those tiny pieces of material together and show that I had no coverage of my body at all at the back. Sue joined me and we both smiled. I did a back walkover and wondered what would happen -nothing, everything stayed in place, "what an amazing design" I thought. I did some splits, light backbends and different contortion moves. Sue pulled her leg up behind her till it was straight up,then pulled her body tightly with her shoulder resting on her leg. "Thats so good, can we try something harder?" he asked me. Then he asked me to try a triplefold, "You should be warmed up enough to try one now" he said. I knelt on the ground, bent over backwards, and tried to grab my thighs, "can you help" I asked. He held my hands and pulled till my back folded some more and I could get a grip. Then I pulled and slowly my head slid under my bottom and through my legs. "Thats it, hold that" he said. I had felt the string of the bikini bottom pulling tight as the fold got tighter but I really wanted to do a great bend for him. At that moment he said "I need to adjust the bikini, its not sitting right?" Probably, the wine and the best bend I had ever done made me not care "Yeah, thats fine" I said. I felt his hand glide over my stretched stomach and slowly downwards, being so small the material had almost dissapeared between my legs, but I didnt care. I was happy being in a really tight triplefold and probably wouldnt have cared if I was naked. She reached between my legs and pulled the tiny material up and repositioned it. "Its not full porn we want" he laughed. "Spoil sport" I mumbled. He took some photos then got Sue to do a few bendy moves over me, I had been folded for about 5 minutes and I was glad I had trained hard. After a while and some more pictures he said "thats it". Sue went offto get changed but I stayed in the fold. "oh no its not!" I said and reached round to the side trying to find the string sides of the bikini bottoms, they were tied in a bow either side and when I found them I pulled on the string, undoing the knots. I then moved my arms taking the bikini bottom with me, leaving me in a triplefold and naked. "I want some pictures for me" I said. He took several in that position till Sue walked back in. "Hey, you never asked me to do that!" she said sounding rather dissapointed. I unfolded myself and just pulled the top off. I just stood there, completely naked. "I didnt ask her to." he said. "What ever" Sue said, turned round and walked off. We did a lot of contortion with me completely nude, I dont know what had made me so brave but I'm glad I did it. The teacher has now become my boyfriend, Sue has forgiven us and actually done some nude contorting with me and I am slowly learning many new and amazing moves with his help and hers too.Hopefully one day I might have a website of my own, I dont know if there will be nudity but there will be plenty of micro bikinis. lol