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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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She was only seven years old. She was wearing a pink bikini and her long blond hair was tied in a pig tail. Her older sister, who was her assistant, placed a Pepsi bottle with a straw on the floor between her legs. Little Louise then went into a slow back bend and when her head was down between her knees, she put the straw in her mouth and sucked up the cool drink. I sat there absolutely mesmerised. This was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I was only ten at the time and this act was part of a talent show at the local youth club. I had always fancied her and seeing this performance made me want to become “friends” with her even more. Unfortunately the feeling was not mutual and I never got to have a flexible girlfriend But nevertheless, this performance had a profound impact on my life because to this very day, sixty years later, I am still besotted watching contortion. For years no images were available in my country and an occasional TV talent show or performances would satisfy my yearning to see female flexibility. With the advent of the internet and sites like Possi’s Contortion, Contortion Home Page, Crystal Lizard and of course Zlata’s site, all this changed and I now have access, albeit limited, to wonderful images and videos. I often fantasize about really meeting a contortionist and have written this story: Judy is the daughter of an old friend of mine and she is now living in the same town as I am. I have become a sort of surrogate father to her. Judy is a tall slim girl with a long mane of black hair. She has a beautiful figure with very large breasts and a very tiny waist. She has long shapely legs which she is not shy to display. She often comes around to the house for meals and chats with me and my wife about her boyfriends and other issues in her life. One issue is her breast size and she does her utmost to make them as inconspicuous as possible. She discusses openly about having reduction surgery, which we both try to dissuade her from doing – me in particular. Judy loves us both very much and always gives me a great warm hug when she comes to visit. I love feeling her breasts pressing against me and feeling her tiny waist as I put my arms around her. She calls me Uncle Ben and it makes me feel very warm towards her. I often imagine her being more than just a friend. One day, when my wife was away on business, Judy popped in unexpectedly for a visit. She sat in the lounge with a strange expression on her face and I felt something was on the go. Eventually, it came out. “Uncle Ben, I know how you are fascinated with contortion and flexibility. So being pretty flexible myself, I decided to train to become even more bendy. I did this so that I can give you a show in appreciation for all the love and kindness you have shown me.” I could not believe what I was hearing. This was a lifelong dream come true. I started shaking in anticipation of what was likely to come and I felt this right down in my groin. Judy was wearing a pale blue soft flowing mini skirt with a loose fitting low cut silky top tied to expose her midriff. She had strappy high heel sandals which made her long slim feet look incredibly sexy. She was seated on the couch opposite me. Staring straight into my eyes she slowly lifted her left leg straight up into the air exposing her long thighs and just a hint of white satin panties. She then wrapped her leg behind her head and sat there looking at me with a seductive smile on her face. She burst out laughing, unwound her leg to the floor and rushed across the room to give me a big kiss on the mouth. This was obviously going to be a long sensuous tease. “How was that? There’s lots more to come.” She cleared the long coffee table and lay down on it. She then she raised her leg nearest to me straight up again and continued until it was next to her shoulder. Her slender legs seemed to get longer and longer. She then shifted to the edge of the table and pushed her leg down below her shoulder into an over split. “Uncle Ben, please push my leg down further”. “Judy, you cannot go further, your hip will break”. “Just push down, Uncle Ben” I took hold of her leg behind her ankle and her knee and gently push down passed the level of the table. There seemed to be no resistance as her leg went further and further down. I could not believe it. “Is it not hurting?” I asked. She gave me her beautiful smile and assured me there was no pain at all and I must go further. Eventually her foot touched the carpet and she was in a unbelievable extended oversplit. It was fantastic to see. By this time her brief bikini panties were fully exposed which added to the dream vision. She then gripped the sides of the table and pushed her upper body into an almost vertical position. This was contortion at its very best. I never dreamt that she could ever be so flexible. “Kiss me” she demanded. I leant down and gave her a long warm kiss on her mouth. After this we both sat down on the couch and she cuddled up against me. “Are you enjoying this, Uncle Ben?” “Judy, you cannot believe how this is a dream come true. I love you so much.” “I want to show you something else. I know how you love seeing tiny waists and a girl’s ribs and ribcages. I have been losing weight and exercising my stomach muscles to show you ribs like you’ve never seen. Look here”. She peeled her top off over her head revealing her incredible breasts clad in an embroidered low cut push up bra which produced two beautiful tanned orbs. She stood in front of me and proceeded to flex her stomach muscles in and out and then sucked her stomach in until her rib cage stood out like two curved cliffs with a deep valley between them. I went rock hard. She did these four or five times. She smiled when she saw my reaction. She then lay down again on the coffee table and again pulled in her stomach with the same effect. This time her waist seemed to almost disappear. The spectacle of this tiny flat waist, projecting ribcage and enormous breasts was almost more than I could handle. “Judy, you’re teasing me to death!” I said. “Don’t die yet – the best is still to come. Let’s go to the dining room”. “Go down on your knees and help me”. She stood in front of me and slowly started to bend backward. When her shoulders were almost touching the back of her thighs she asked me to hold her ribcage and pull her tight against her legs. The mere touching of her ribcage was exquisite, but pulling her in tight and feeling her legs up against my chest was a real experience. “Pull tighter, Uncle Ben” she said and I did so. Eventually I could feel there was no gap between her body and her legs. “Judy’ you are absolutely amazing”. “It’s all for you” she said with a laugh. She stripped off her skirt and climbed onto the table. She was now only in panties and a bra and with her long black hair she looked stunningly gorgeous. She stood on the table with me seated on her side. She then went into another slow back bend and down onto the table with her head between her legs. She slowly pulled her body forward between her legs and gradually went into a triple fold with her body and legs almost parallel. It was one of the most advanced triple folds I have ever seen. After that she sat in the middle of the table with her back to me. She reached behind her and undid her bra. “Judy, are you not going too far?” I nervously asked. “I don’t think so” she assured me. She lay back with her head on the edge of the table right in front of me. Her breasts were firm and beautiful. “Kiss me again, Uncle Ben” she pleaded. This was an upside down kiss and was just as good as the first. She pushed back until her head and shoulders were over the edge of the table in my lap. Her long hair was cascading all over my legs. I pushed my chair back to give her space. She folded her body with her head and shoulders almost under the table. In front of me were a magnificent pair of tanned breasts and a ribcage with a valley between to dream of. Below her wafer thin waist her panties bridged across her hipbones giving a view down to her neatly shaved pubis. This was heaven. She asked me to get a bottle of oil out of her bag and to massage her body. As the oil flowed onto her skin and I spread it around I felt her breasts moving under my hands, her nipples popping out between my fingers, her ribs and ribcage heaving as she breathed and that gorgeous expanse of flat tummy down to her panties. I massaged up and down for many minutes revelling in the feel of her firm smooth body. I could have carried on for hours just feeling her gorgeous curves beneath my probing hands “You can go down further, if you like” she said. I gradually went below her panties and caressed around her vagina. It was soft and smooth and I was tempted to penetrate with my fingers but felt that was going too far. I heard soft groans coming up from below the table so I knew she was enjoying what I was doing. “Uncle Ben, I want to do the same to you”. Without waiting for a reply she promptly pulled my zip down and gave me the most sensational release of pent up sexual emotion I have ever experienced. I was so charged up that I had no control over my release and she consumed the entire issue. “Uncle Ben, I think you have seen enough for one day”. Judy went for a shower and came back a short while later fully dressed looking as sexy as ever. How would one ever imagine that she had this incredible ability to contort and flex her magnificent body in so many exciting ways? We cuddled and kissed on the couch while I soaked up the warmth of her smile, her laughter and the feel of her body up against me. It was heaven. She promised me that she had practised many more bends and poses to thrill and tease me when the two of us get together again. I cannot wait for my wife to go away on another business trip. END OF STORY