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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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TRANSLATED WITH GOOGLE A few weeks ago I was with my best friend. We sat in his room and watched television. However, I found the film extremely boring and I had to use the toilet. On the way back I got to the room of my friend's sister, Miriam, over. I had seen up to now only fleetingly and knew almost nothing about them. Since her bedroom door was open, I went in one step and looked around. On the walls were posters of gymnasts and ballerinas looked very agile. On the wall was an open closet where I discovered a whole shelf full of high heels and among them were some ballet shoes. Suddenly I heard Miriam's voice behind me. I turned around and looked at her startled. She was tall, had long legs that looked very toned in her hot pants. Especially their calves were pronounced. Under her tank top, a toned tummy and also drew from obenrum it was well stocked. She was glad to see me and we started talking. My friend was apparently so engrossed in the movie that he did not come up with the idea to look for me and we talked for a while. Then I spoke to her on all the posters and they told me that since her early Kindhet she practiced ballet for several years and also trained contortion. I told her about my enthusiasm for articulating women and how I would find this fascinating flexible people. They said we should just like to meet and then I could help her so times during training. We exchanged our numbers still fast and I went back to my friend. Two days later they called me and said she would be home alone and I should pass it out. When I rang the bell and she opened the door I was nearly fainted. Before me stood a super trained by girl pointe shoes and was wearing a leotard. Now also trained their abdominal muscles were clearly visible and her long muscular legs were even better advantage. Miriam led me to the basement, where they had set up a small workout room. From the ceiling hung two rings and on the floor were some benches. Beside it lay some weights. Miriam stood before me, stood on the tips and pulled out a leg in a perfect Standspagat high. I marveled much, but Miriam said that she would achieve something like that even without warm up. First they wanted to work with me on their balancing act. She put both legs through the rings hanging from the ceiling and slowly slid into a balancing act. But she did not stop and sank even deeper, almost to a hung 250 ° Split. Well they told me to push it down. I grabbed her by her muscular thighs and pressed it down. First überhaubt no resistance was felt and she sank further into the splits. As the resistance grew, Miriam said to me that I should finally push a little harder. I almost hung myself with my whole body weight on it off and it fell into a 290 ° Split. "Well, hold me so tight," she said. I asked her how she could endure such a thing and she said: "I have stretched me almost my whole life, so I have problems Keum me to bend further. And besides, it turns her on me getting a bit when I get deeper into the splits and can twist my body even more extreme. "After a few minutes I released them from their position and they said that now her back should be stretched. Without effort, she leaned back further and further until she could look through the back of the legs. Apparently you made this extreme position even fun and they sighed softly. Now, as she lay on the floor and I took her arms and pulled them further and further through her legs. This time I moved even a little harder at the beginning, since I now knew that I could still turn very far. When she said stop, touched her mind her well toned ass and she smiled at me. "If you knew how beautiful I find it to be caught in such extreme positions," she said, "Now it is time to do something for the feet and muscles. She went to a cupboard in the corner and pulled out a pair of ballet heels, they gave me this in my hand and said "please lace as tight as it goes," I slipped her shoes on the extremes of their legs and pulled so tight hard as I could to the cords. After this Miriam got up and went completely relaxed a round around the room. Until now I had only seen videos in which the women could not even stand properly in these shoes, but Miriam ran on to them as normal shoes. When I asked her why she could so well that she said: "Through the ballet my legs are very muscular and I also stretch my feet every day." Now she stretched her leg back and even took it with her hands, as she portrayed a perfect scorpion. As she stood before me only wearing a Tight Leotard of her toned body barely concealed and these extreme ballet heels, with whom she was a lot bigger than me. Now she lay down on the floor, put her legs between a bench and holding a 20 kilogram weight over their Kopft. In this position, she began to do situps. After some time, they still looked strained and barely saw her whole body now better trained out. When I looked puzzled at her belly, she said: "You may feel calm times or beat that does not hurt me," I touched her belly and tried to impress the pulsating muscles, but they moved no whit. Then I suggested several times firmly on dese rock hard muscles, but Miriam did not budge. This woman had me just completely under her spell. Finally, they wanted to train the frontbend. Without making an effort, she leaned just always forward. When they seemingly no longer came, she lay down on the floor and held her hands out to me, so I could pull even further. Without having to expend much energy you Kopft came up to her mound and she grinned at me. "This is also one of the reasons why I love her contortion" she said. After she gahalten this position for a few minutes and I had even moved a bit, she stood up. "We must repeat that in any case," she said, and brought me, still with their ballet heels strutting to the door.