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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Ava and her little village

Ava was a young woman who lived in a little village just outside Hanover in Germany. She was a contortionist and dreamt of performing mind bending stunts on the big stage. Even though she was considered a creep and weirdo by others. Ava was determined to get there but she started in her village with no more than eighteen people but even then she still enjoyed putting the performance on and seeing them cringe. Ava continued to perform until she became a national attraction. Ava was thinking “ I don’t need to get to the big stage I have my stage and my people”. And from then on she only performed in Germany. Evan with contractors and paparazzi banging on her door she never left Germany. What made her so famous was that she would ask the audience if there was a certain persition or move that she could do for them. Ava always managed to pull of the move/persition with ease like she planned it. This was the case with the first question but only to get people more interested and to get the ball rolling with ideas. One day Ava was doing her usual performance when she noticed a little boy looking unimpressed which she disregarded but it started to play on her mind so when it came for people’s requests she asked him before anyone spoke if there was anything he would like to see. He simply replied a ball. Surprised she answered the little boy is that it nothing else. He asked when she was in the ball if he could bounce her which she accepted. In her usual self she became ball like and was bounced by the young boy. That was the first time he laughted because she had seen him at previous shows but after but after the show had ended and was usually to tired to ask him, but he was caught off guard. After Ava had been used as a bounce ball all the other requests came pouring in. It was different people but for some reason they usually had either similar requests or abstract ones which were confusing to pull off because she didn’t intirly understand but she still managed to amaze them anyway. Until a young girl came up to her and asked to take her makeup off and put back on with only her thumbs and big toes. This was such a random request that it made Ava stumble for a second, to then reply sure just let me get sum stuff and fifthteen minutes later the request from the young girl was complete Ava had managed to take off and put back on her make up with her big toe and thumbs. Ava was recalling the day that had just happened in her home, curled up in a prestalz, the too extremes of the young children how one was so simple and the other some complicated. Ava soon got distracted before she got too depth of thought. To Ava she just blinked and it was already the next day and she was desiding what skin tight suit to wear green or blue. Ava went with the blue as that was the newest one. This show was going to be different all Ava was going to do requests from the audience. It started with a triple fold then turned into having a foot and hand in her mouth. The last request made Ava have to go in the back and dry her hand and foot off. After they dried she asked “anymore requests “ for a second there was pure silence until a mother asking if the outside of her shoulder blades could touch. Ava response with ease then just doing it. Ava told the audience that tomorrow that no children could not attend and it is going to adult show. The audience was silent as they were still trying to understand it but at the end just accept it. The next day when the show started Ava didn’t come out in her usual skin tight suit but a blazer and skirt. Unknown to the audience she had no bra on but did have a clear thong on, but they weren’t staying on that’s for sure. The show started in the usual sense with some party tricks. Then moving on to some more difficult moves keeping on her blazer with some flashes of her clear thong. In the middle of her performance she asked if the blazer should stay on everyone said in unison take it off which she obliged. Everyone cheered when it came off. Ava asked if there any more requests and there was one that stuck out which was to try get her head stuck in her skirt between her legs and take her thong off with her mouth. Well 30 seconds later a little bit of Lacy cloth drifted down to the floor. With her head still in between her legs see asked if anyone wanted that thong as a present to which no one responded so she threw it at some one random they caught it and never let go. For Ava last trick she crossed her legs bend them back behind her head and put her right big toe in the left side of her mouth and her pinkie toe in her ear canal and the same on the other side at that exact moment her skirt ripped and show she was clean shave. Which responded oops never mind and rolled into a tiny box.
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