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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Online Dating

Lately I have been trying some on-line dating sites, with little success. Then one day I found one site that allows you to put in words that people are interested in, so i tried "contortionist", to see what would come up. I was amazed..... there were about 10 people who had put that as an interest. I sent every one of them an email, but only had 3 replies. One from a lady who said she used to be flexible, she could do splits and bend backwards but only till her hands touched the floor, she used to put her feet on her head but cant anymore, still an great feat! Another (Melanie) replied and said she trained gymnasts and enjoyed yoga as she was now almost 30 and had suffered some injuries in the past to her legs and anckle. The last email I got was from a woman who enjoyed watching contortionists but didnt do any. I contacted Melanie who said she was a trainer of gymnasts and I thought that might be a good way of getting to see and meet flexible people . We met one evening, had a meal, drinks and went dancing - we got on really well and met several times more. She suggested I came to her club and meet some of her students one evening, so I turned up, not knowing what to expect. When i got there I was greeted by a girl walking on all fours, bent over backwards in a crab, she led me to my friend still in a crab. Mel laughed at my face as I looked at the girl still bent backwards, chatting to her mates, one girl was on her chest with her feet either side of her head, another was standing on one leg and pulling her other leg up and over her shoulder. I sat at the side of the room while several girls did the splits, one did a great oversplit from two chairs and someone sitting on her lap, forcing her middle down to the ground, a couple were back bending and some just talking. After a while Mel called me over and asked if I would help someone. A girl about 20 bent over backwards and grabbed her ankles, I was amazed, I'd actually never been so close to someone flexible but no one seemed too impressed. I was asked to get behind her and hold her knees straight, I put my feet on her heels and grabbed her knees, we were face to face, hers was upside down on laughing, Mel took hold of the girls hands and pulled them through the girls legs making her already tight back bend tighten even more. The amount of force she used worried me but I held on, the girls legs were wobbling as her arms went from straight down to 45 degrees, Mel still pulled and I could see she was enjoying doing it, I don't know if the girl was as much but she didnt complain. She relaxed the girl a little but then pulled even harder, I thought the girls arms might dislocate but they didnt as her arms became parallel with the floor, with her back completely folded tight against its self. She held that position for a few seconds then, with a final pull her whole body seemed to rotate a bit more, her hips moved round, possibly slightly dislocating themselves till her arms were infront of her thighs. Quickly Mel twisted the girls arms so they hooked over her thighs letting her hold the position by herself. After a few seconds the girl gave up and we released her slowly, she said that such extreme contortion moves were hard as she cant breath properly. The girl went off to talk to her friends and I asked Mel if its dangerous to force a body like we just had, she said she didnt think so but that was the only way to get someone to bend to their maximum. Mel said that the girl was one of her best students and was the most flexible there. I asked how good Mel used to be, she said she used to be very flexible too, she had always done rhythmic gymnastics and contortion was a natural part of training but hadn't done either for several years. With that I said why not try now? Several members in the club heard that, came over and said they would also like to see how good Mel was and would help. Mel had no choice now, she went away and changed from her t-shirt and jeans into a lycra body suit which fitted like a new skin, so tight there was not a single crease of material. She said it was too small but the only one she could find, I just looked and starred till the younger girl nudged me. Mel starting slowly, doing some stretching, legs straight and hands on the floor, followed by a couple of "walk-overs" she then bent her body 90 deg forwards and slowly rotated to the side and backwards, also at 90 deg. that was enough of a warm up for Mel.She slipped into the splits with great ease, then laid forwards till her chest was on her leg, then she straightened up and slowly laid backwards. Her back bent, she grabbed her leg and with a student slightly pushing her shoulders, her head touched her leg. Mel couldnt believe she could still do it so easily, and neither could we. She unfolded and sat upright, bringing the leg that was infront of her backwards, and then laid back again. This wasnt as easy to do and she stopped at only about 45 degrees, the girl that we had helped earlier came over and pushed Mels shoulders making her back bend tighter, with help the bend got tighter and tighter, her head was about 30 cm away from her bottom now, she asked to have a rest, then asked me to push as i was heavier than the girl and put my weight on her, we soon got again to 30cm, then 20, then 10, I grabbed hold of her legs and pulled hard, my chest pushing on hers, Mel was folded backwards with her head how resting on her legs, her back folded in half. I let her up after a few seconds, everyone clapped - no one knew she was so flexible, not even Mel herself. We have done some contortion training at her house which is more intimate and sexual, watching someone bend with only a tiny bikini or less on is incredible, being able to run your hands over a tight stomach with raised ribs, legs outstretched or resting her head on her bottom and all done with a smile is almost to erotic to bare. We now train every week and Mel enjoys contorting her body again, she has got even better. Soon I think she will be able to match the girl I helped and get her arms through her legs and who I am still helping to achieve the ultimate backbend of getting her body through her legs and holding it with her arms bent over the top. I have taken my laptop in and shown some contortionist videos for ideas, there is a race to see who can get into a quad fold unaided. I found someone to make some plastic boxes, about 60 and 50cm square to see if anyone can fit inside them. When I took them in, the young girl was first to try and easily got into the 60cm box as she is quite small and thin, even to the point of getting in triple folded - getting in was harder than actually being bent in three, it took 2 of us to push her in. She fitted into the 50cm box but only by squeezing herself into a knot. Mel, being about 5ft 6" and a size 10 struggled to fit in the 60cm box, her head was pressed hard against her chest, bent over and low down between her thighs. Her legs only just fitted corner to corner and she couldn't straighten them up. Once in with the door shut it was clear to see the lack of any space and the amount of force her body was under. I have since had a 40cm box made for the young girl, she struggles to even fit any way she can in such a small box, but she still manages to get in, her back is bent forwards almost in a circle with her head high up between her thighs, legs folded across as there is not enough room to have them straight up and down. Once in and the door shut, we put her and the box into the 50cm box and then the 60cm box. Thinking of her folded so tight with no way of moving or getting out is a truly amazing feeling, we left her in there for 2 minutes only, then pulled box out of box, out of box. The girl was dripping with sweat and just laid on the floor getting her breath back. I have added extra air holes now as being in 3 boxes, the air wasnt getting in very well. We have now managed to fit Mel into the 50cm box, truly unbelievable to see and then slid her into the 60cm box. she has been left for a few minutes like that but I would like to take it further, sadly I dont think her body will let her, breathing is so hard, due to being squeezed and confined to such an extreme, but it wont stop us trying. I now think almost anything is possible and look forward to every day watching Mel and her friends contorting.and I'm trying to think up some way I can get Mel and the girl to contort themselves together - maybe a 80cm box with both of them in? You never know!
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