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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
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IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Bent for Each Other 3: YogaSport Part I

Peter and Jun continued their practices in sexual yoga and made frequent trips to Enlightenment (see BFEO: The Sri Lanka Position), but another trip to a garage sale gave the couple another bit of inspiration. This time, Jun found a set of four VHS tapes labeled “1998 YogaSport Championships.” After converting them all to DVD, which took up five discs, Jun witnessed several young girls and women, and a few men, perform extreme yoga poses and do some intricate flows in between asanas to music, and then at the end groups of competitors showing off their strength and flexibility in individual moves. She then researched “YogaSport” on Google and found the International Yoga Sports Federation’s website. For the next several months, the couple figured out how they can choreograph artistic yoga routines — with Jun being careful to keep it from going too far into her contortion performances — both as singles, in a pair and in rhythmic competition as well as preparing for the asana divisions. They also contacted the IYSF for how to enter their competitions and where they were. As they both were licensed teachers, they found they could enter in their age and gender divisions in the professional ranks. The next competition was coming up in Buenos Aires in a few months, so they entered and found ways to book their flights there and a hotel room. They also arranged their costuming. They contacted a dancewear maker in Kansas City and designed three outfits for each of them. Jun got a leotard with a base of baby blue and zipper neck and mesh ¾ sleeves in periwinkle, and two special-ordered catsuits: One is with a silver base with stirrup legs and full sleeves and finger loops with graphite swirls along the torso and left leg, and the other is a camisole footless unitard in lime green with forest green trim. Peter received a men’s bike-length unitard in royal blue, sleeveless, with a blue mesh back, a custom catsuit that is of the same construction but opposite coloration of Jun’s, and another bike-length unitard in gold with yellow mesh long sleeves and zipper front. For their soundtracks, they found different songs from Cirque du Soliel to use for their artistic routines. When the time to leave for Argentina came, about three days before the competition, they boarded their flight first to Chicago then to Buenos Aires, and then they settled into their hotel room. After they checked in, they rolled out their mats, put on their practice clothes, and worked out the kinks from their flight, did a little rehearsal of their routines, and spent some time meditating in full padmasana. After about 30 minutes, they retired to the bathroom, where they shared a bath in the two-person tub. After the romantic soak, they retired to the bed, where they made love in some very flexible positions. On the day of the competition, they participated in the opening ceremonies. As Jun was not yet a naturalized U.S. citizen, she came in under the Chinese flag as the sole entrant, while Peter joined three other yogathletes under the Stars and Stripes. Most of the participants were from India, Argentina and Uruguay, but there were a total of 30 nations represented. After the ceremonies, Peter and Jun retired to a corner of the gymnasium to meditate as they waited for their turn for their first performances. As they sit in padmasana, the asana competition for the youth divisions goes on. When the program reaches the male professional 30-to-39-year-old division, Peter is paged to the competition area. The referee lines up the six men in the division about 6 feet (2 meters) apart and then called out the asanas. First was ardha trikonasana (triangle). While a few of the men jump their legs out laterally, Peter steps back with his left foot, angles it forward, opens his hips, and then reaches over his right leg into the pose. He holds it until called out of it. The referee then asks for the scores, which the judges hold up their marks. Peter saw he earned an 8. Next was raja bhujangasana (king cobra). Peter, in his royal blue unitard, first bends over, then jumps back to a press position, then lowers to the floor. He then bends backwards off the floor before rooting his hands to the floor. Next, he bends his legs, bringing his feet to first his head, and then his shoulders, hooking his toes under his chin. He then swings his hands back to his knees, where he holds his pose for several seconds before the referee calls all six out of it. He got a 10 from that pose, which caused him to smile. Next was padahasthasana, a forward bend. Peter extends himself up and backward first, then bends forward at the hips, meeting his chest to his thighs, and places his hands to the floor parallel to his feet. Satisfied with how all six competitors are situated, he calls them up. Peter received a 9 for this pose. The next pose is dandapada kakasana, one-legged crow. Peter does his vinyasa, pauses in adho muhka svanasana (downward-facing dog), and then swings his right leg to rest on his right upper arm. Leaning forward, he bends the arms and lifts his left leg in the air straight from his hips. He held it for about 5 seconds before the referee called for the competitors to exit. Peter received an 8. The referee then called for thirivikramasana, a standing side split. Peter shifted his weight to the right leg and lifted his left to the side, bending the knee. He then grabbed his foot with his left hand to extend it vertically and grab it with his right hand. Calm in his balance, Peter holds the pose for several seconds before the referee gives his signal. The judges give Peter a 9. This round ended with the referee calling for padma kukutasana, or peacock pose with legs in lotus. Peter sits down, puts his legs in padmasana, then places his hands on the floor, facing inward, and leads over his elbows, lifting his folded legs straight behind him while putting his body horizontal. After a few seconds, the referee told everyone to get out of the pose. His score was a 9. After a few moments, Peter was declared the winner. The referee shook Peter’s hand and all six competitors were dismissed. Jun then greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They then resumed their meditative state in lotus until Jun gets her turn. TO BE CONTINUED